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Jul 16, 2011
  Sandst1 Received his Nokia N950 thanks to the N950 Developer Device Program! Below is the start of his journey with FunkeySynth and MeeGo Harmattan: Today started tweaking the FunkeySynth […]
Jul 15, 2011
 Are you from Sweden ? Fancy having a hard Play with the Nokia N9, giving feedback and then KEEPING it ? Over at the Nokia N9 Sweden Pilot Page that […]
Jul 8, 2011
  For many the Nokia N900 can be thought of as a hacking phone due to its Linux Operating System, with full system access (root) and the Terminal application. Now […]
Jul 6, 2011
  This is the second time we have seen a developer working on a mechanism to integrate applications into the Nokia N9 Harmattan event feed page. The first one was […]
Jun 30, 2011
  We've had pictures of the newly announced Nokia N9 splattered all over the Internet, to the level that it could possibly be more recognisable then the queen. Now we […]
Jun 24, 2011
  Looking back at Singapore Nokia Connection the focus was very much on the Nokia N9 with little being mentioned on anything else. Something that was mentioned was the importance […]
Jun 21, 2011
  Nokia MeeGo fever is still very much in the air and to show you just that heres a list of MeeGo N9 videos that have been compiled over at […]
Jun 21, 2011
  Yes, Its a Picture. Yes its in the Wild. Presenting the Nokia N950. Although the Nokia N9 has taken center stage since yesterday (following on from Nokia Connection) it […]
Jun 21, 2011
As many thought Nokia in Singapore today Announced the Nokia N9, a brilliant looking smartphone with a simple intuitive interface. Its all about Swiping ... Swipes from the outside of […]
Jun 15, 2011
  Can this be it ? Can the wait really be over ? It looks like Nokia are ready to unveil their "distruptive new device" according to the website ITWire […]
May 29, 2011
So as everyone has gathered the elusive Nokia N950 did not turn up this week at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco. But was it supposed to turn up in […]
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