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Aug 1, 2011
  Looking for something MeeGo TV related thats better than Sex ? Well, If such a thing exists then here it is for you. The following is the first look at XBMC running on a TrimSlice unit (nVidia Tegra2 using hardfp). Video Interface looks slick and smooth and something we have got used to seeing […]
Jul 27, 2011
  We have seen the tech wars developing on different hardware platforms between the various operating systems but Android and ChromeOS have been snuggled up with nVidia as their exclusive playing ground. Due to closed sourced video drivers video hardware acceleration was a major obstacle for anyone to overcome. Well that was yesterday and today […]
May 28, 2011
  A well overdue meeting took place at MeeGo Conference in San Francisco. Intel & Nokia ? Elop ? No ... me and BrenDan Le Foll (@madeouk). Brendan is responsible for the MeeGo TV 1.2 User Experience (UX) which is a modified build of XBMC. What we are going to see is a very similar […]
Apr 22, 2011
  Ixonos were at the MeeGo Summit Finland and were showing off some of their programming skills. The setup below is a CT-3650 CI TV Tuner (Costs about 120 euro) which is a Linux supported Digbox, connected to a Netbook running MeeGo 1.1 and also VLC + QML for the User Interface (UI). This demo […]

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