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Jul 20, 2011
    So your a Developer, live in Finland and No idea where to get a test device from for your Killer App ? Read on ..... So your a […]
May 14, 2011
  Meegathon was a hacker type of competition, much like a hack-a-thon that took place last month at the MeeGo Summit Finland The idea was that teams had 24 hours […]
May 12, 2011
  Not your normal MeeGo news but i was curious to see how the nokia N8 would suit the average blogger with being his travel companion to cover a conference, […]
May 4, 2011
  The MeeGo Summit in Finland was the place to be for developers to learn more about the art of "Development" and the bottom line is MONEY - Yes we […]
Apr 22, 2011
  Uli Dumschat presented a session at the MeeGo Summit Finland about Optimizing MeeGo Apps with the aid of the Intel AppUp SDK Suite which has an integrated Qt development […]
Apr 22, 2011
  At the MeeGo Summit Finland 2011 we got to speak to Bjorn Taubert who is a Marketing Manager for the Intel AppUp(SM) developer program. Bjorn did also have a […]
Apr 21, 2011
    Carsten Munk gave a very interesting Talk at the MeeGo Summit Finland 2011. Below is a youtube video that was shown and explains some of what is to […]
Apr 21, 2011
  Valtteri Halla is Director, Technology and Innovation at Intel. I met up with him at the MeeGo Summit in Finland and I wanted to hear first hand of his […]
Apr 21, 2011
  Jukka Eklund is on the right hand side Jukka Eklund is a Product Manager at Nokia that is in charge of the development of the Nokia N900 Developer Edition. […]
Apr 20, 2011
Here is Marko Saukko showing off their Parallex Media Desktop integrated with phone functionality at MeeGo Summit 2011. It Runs quite well, even though there is an odd rotation sensor […]
Apr 17, 2011
  Another day and another demonstration of how quick User Interfaces (UI) can be developed with QML. This time its Nomovok showing a QML User Interface running on the Wetab […]
Apr 17, 2011
  Tieto were showing off some of their QML skills at the MeeGo Finland Summit with NFC readers and also a little game called Happy frogs which is similar in […]
Apr 11, 2011
This week welcomes the start of the MeeGo Summit in Tampere (Finland). Although the summit itself quickly sold out the Meegathon competition still has space for new teams. Further information […]

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