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Jul 4, 2012
    One of the recent casualties of Nokia's recently announced Job cuts was the Ulm research facility that was home to 730 people. Once of the projects that was being worked on was Meltemi, the Linux based OS that was destined to bring new vigour to its low end smartphones and in the process […]
Jun 20, 2012
    Nokia has been developing Meltemi for their low to mid range phones as part of their overall SmartPhone / Feature Phone strategy. MicroSoft Windows Phone for the Lumia high end range (that replaced MeeGo) and then Meltemi for their lower spec'ed Feature Phones that could run a light Linux based OS. Well now […]
Oct 3, 2011
    So, I was in Seattle for Intel Elements when I heard the news that Meltemi was replacing S40 as the OS of choice for Feature Phones. Was that news I said ? After all I predicted something like this at the end of APRIL. Ok, I did think it was a bit closer […]
Apr 30, 2011
  Nokia is looking at Developing its own tablet and this is what was discussed in a recent interview with Finland based YLE News. Stephen Elop (CEO of Nokia) discusses the news of the recently proposed layoffs but then goes on to mull over the Operating System options available to Nokia in the future. Will […]

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