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Dec 1, 2017
The quantity and quality of apps in the Tizen Store has had a sheer rise over the last few months. These days, we do have wide range of choices on […]
Oct 18, 2017
With the rate at which developers are working for the Tizen Store, many Tizen users will have cause to smile. All sorts of apps are been developed to meet up […]
Oct 11, 2017
The Tizen Platform which was launched back in 2011 and since then it’s been steadily getting better. In recent times, we have seen the introduction of many new apps in the Tizen […]
Oct 6, 2017
Today, there is a new app called "Smart Tools" which is designed for users who want to have an elegant and helpful application on a daily basis. With this app, […]
Sep 7, 2017
Yesterday, a brand new app was released in the Tizen Store and is unlike most of the apps we have seen in recent times, this is a TV app called […]

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