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Oct 13, 2017
The Tizen Store is consistently growing in an effort to meet your every needs and now, we have some really intense games in the store. I called these games "blood and combat"  because of the level of shooting and killing that these games involve. Your adrenaline will definitely experience a spike with these games. Today, […]
Sep 22, 2017
This game, Zombie Ops 3D Shooter, reminds me of a couple of years ago while I was seeing the movie series "The Walking Dead". This is a game for matured minds who are not scared of the scary looks of zombies and the tricky way they attack from all directions. As you already know, zombies […]
Jul 17, 2017
So, are you ready for some killing? Well if you are, keep on reading. If not, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? Anyways, Grand Crime Mafia - Auto Gangster Shooter is a game about kill mobsters who have done something wrong (the game doesn't specify what the mobsters have done wrong.) You need to either run them […]
Jun 14, 2017
As you know Samsung has already launched the 4th Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z4, last month. Altogether, we have 4 Tizen Smartphones, Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, and also 2 developer device, Tizen TM1 AND TM2. Later this year we are still hoping to see some higher specification models such as the Samsung Z5 and […]

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