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Dec 26, 2011
  MusiKloud 1.0.4 is now available: Changelog: Fixed rotation issue. Statusbar is now visible, solving issues with hidden minimise/close buttons. Switched to QtMobility1.2 Fixed toolbar layout issue by moving the 'now playing' button to the statusbar. Debian package is available from:   Source Maemo.Org
Oct 25, 2011
  MusiKloud has now reached to version 1.0.2 bringing some new features. Worth to mention that MusiKloud is developed by marxian, who also made CuteTube, my favorite N9 application.     MusiKloud is a fully featured client for SoundCloud that allows you to browse, search, play and download tracks and sets. You can also access […]
Aug 16, 2011
An early demo of MusiKloud, a SoundCloud client for the Nokia N9 courtesy of Stuart Howarth (@marxian77). Video Below: Source Alextootchie

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