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May 26, 2017
Remember the My MoneyTransfer app came with Samsung Z2 with the apps first release in August 2016. On September third week it was released for some Z1 and Z3 users as a beta version and on November third week it was released as the final version for Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3 and also update for […]
Nov 24, 2016
My Money Transfer, a native Tizen app that is designed by Samsung Research & Development India - Bangalore Pvt. Ltd. ( SRIB ), was released with Samsung Z2 as a pre-installed banking app. This app is now available for all Tizen smartphones (Samsung Z1 and Z3) and can be downloaded from the Tizen store, app version is […]
Sep 26, 2016
Some great news this morning for Samsung Z1 and Z3 owners in India as the My Money Transfer app enters BETA status for your smartphones. This useful app already comes pre-loaded on the Samsung Z2 in India and allows users to transfer money using Account number and IFSC. You can also check your Account balance and […]
Sep 8, 2016
  One of the amazing app which comes pre-loaded on the Tizen powered Samsung Z2 in India is the "My Money Transfer" app. The application is a money transfer app that lets Z2 owners transfer money using Account number and IFSC. The 'My Money Transfer" app also lets Tizen Z2 users check their Account balance […]
Jun 30, 2016
  The Samsung Z2 was originally rumoured to launch last year but at the time it looked as if it was cancelled and the Z3 handset launched instead. Earlier this year, we revealed that the Z2 was in-fact alive and well and Samsung were readying its launch. Now, according to a recent report, the smartphone […]

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