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Mar 12, 2012
Looks like sandst1 is happy to receive his first patch for MyMoves. Read on for the Blow by Blow: Wohoo, MyMoves got its first patch! o/ Thanks to this patch from ledimies, we’ve now got vibra feedback support in the application. It follows the system feedback profiles, so if you turn off the feedback, MyMoves […]
Mar 6, 2012
  MyMoves 0.2.0 has been approved and can be downloaded from the Nokia Store. “What? Less gestures?” Yeah. The more complex ones work every now and then. They all mostly work for me, but since i created them, i’m not the best judge on how usable they are (and judging by Nokia Store reviews they […]
Nov 9, 2011
I reimplemented the recognition algorithm, so now the app should be a lot better at recognizing your gestures. In addition to that, there are now new gestures for swiping from one corner to another. Here’s the latest list of gestures:     Source Expr33ss Your Self
Oct 24, 2011
  MyMoves v0.1.3 update has just been sent to the Nokia Store for approval. Most significant changes: - Possibility to disable a gesture, there’s a ‘no application’ option in the app list - 12 two-finger and 12 three-finger gestures - Fixed icon scaling in the app list (e.g. Galaxy On Fire’s icon was taking a […]
Oct 13, 2011
  In case you use MyMoves, here’s a fun thing to play with: running Python & shell scripts with gestures For this you will need to have the developer mode enabled. I’m also going to assume you’ve already got Python for Harmattan already installed. Running shell scripts with MyMoves Say, you’ve got a useful shell […]
Oct 3, 2011
Ok. Now it’s polished (as in the UI looks nice. Didn’t do any localization : P) Changes in 0.1.2: Added a howto-screen Moved mymoves.conf to ~/.config About screen Splash screen Logo to main page Icons in app selection list Overall tweaking of the UI Installation: 1 Add the mymoves repository to your phone: Create a […]
Oct 2, 2011
  Hi. Decided to wrap up all the needed things into a single .deb (perhaps preparing for a Store submission..?: ). Changes in the latest version: Fixed pinch recognition. Two-finger gestures shouldn’t interfere with two-finger phone usage anymore, e.g. zooming a web page and panning after that with two fingers is now possible UI tweaks: […]
Sep 25, 2011
MyMoves version 0.0.2 is now out. The previous version was a hackish demo which didn’t contain a proper UI for normal usage. This version does : ) Also, recording the gestures with a clumsy UI wasn’t the nicest thing on earth, so I settled for having 12 pre-defined gestures, which should all be simple enough […]
Aug 22, 2011
Everything that you will now read is what began as what was termed by the developer sandst1 as a small 3-day home hackathon: It’s a thing called MyMoves. MyMoves is an attempt to bring configurable gestures to Harmattan, written in QML/C++. The idea of MyMoves is to be able to create a gesture, and attach […]

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