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Oct 31, 2011
Here is a Camera test comparing the Nokia N9 with the N8 carried out by SlipKoRnSaad of Maemo Briefs: As Damian Dinning alraedy pointed out in his post at Nokia Conversations, the Nokia N8 is still the camera king. But the N9 is a great performing camera considering the 70% reduction in size, you surely […]
Aug 7, 2011
  A youTube video showing Autofocus comparison between the Nokia N900, N8 and N9: Thanks to @alextootchie for the heads up.
Apr 25, 2011
  Tommi Laukkanen was able to spend a bit more time on his Google reader app NewsFlow for Symbian and Maemo devices (Nokia N900) I was now able to add theme support to app by using single Theme QML object and changing the properties dynamically in JavaScript. All UI components would then use the theme […]
Feb 7, 2011
Looks Like Tommi Laukkanen is on a roll for updating his apps. Following on from his update of TwimGo 2.6 yesterday, today we have NewsFlow beta 1.1.
Feb 1, 2011
Tommi Laukkanen, the developer behind TwimGo was so impressed with the latest Qt SDK 1.1 Technical Preview that whilst taking a break from TwimGo he has got the inspiration for a news reader from Nokia Reader (a new RSS reader from Nokia Beta Labs), So he has made a simple Google Reader client with Qt […]

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