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Jul 31, 2018
Back in 2010, Nokia and Intel joined forces in creating a new OS, something that was open source, open governance, and that could run on many different devices such as your Smartphone, TV, Tablet and your car. The Operating System MeeGo was born with the vision that all your devices could share your Information between […]
Mar 17, 2013
  This is a work in progress client for on the N9/N950/N900 phones. I wanted to share what is already done because I'll focus on some other projects the next weeks. Currently supports: Searching mixes Exploring (tags) Playing a mix (double tap on cover to toggle play) Skiping tracks (swipe cover to skip current […]
Mar 14, 2013
  After seeing the security flaws on iOS and Android, it's also possible to bypass the lockscreen by pressing randomly buttons like a headless chicken. After that, it'll ask if you want to kill the task because it's not responding anymore. Simply press YES, and it's unlocked..! This could also be done on the N9, […]
Mar 7, 2013
    A new release of BitPurse is available, It should be available soon in Nokia Store, but is already available here BitPurse 1.5 for Harmattan. What's new : BitPurse didn't depends anymore on MyWallet Your addresses and private keys are stored encrypted on your device.       Source Benoit HERVIER
Mar 3, 2013
Developer Thomas Perl has been addressing one of the issues of Nemo Mobile, notibably being that you can not play MP3 files in the music player app. Read on for a quick fix: If you've been playing with Nemo Mobile on your N950 recently, and wanted to do more than just swipe around the Lipstick UI, you […]
Mar 1, 2013
    Another day and another Jolla Demo (feels good doesn't it !!!). So this is the Sailfish OS running on the Nokia N950 which is hardware that is over 3 years old now. The video is almost 10 mins and covers gestures, application covers, ambience and much more. Another claim to fame was the […]
Feb 27, 2013
  Maemo community member MSameer has been working on the following project: This is a project I've been working on for the last few months. My main aim was to create a library wrapping GStreamer and camerabin2. On top of that a set of declarative bindings has been developed and of course a showcase application  […]
Feb 26, 2013
    When you leave your N9 that will automatically lock N9 screen/device off. Application is using proximity sensors. AutoLock locks your phone when inside your pocket or bag... The application is very simple, yet powerful! Also, feel free to contact author at [email protected] with bug reports and feature requests  Version: 1.0.1 Open Source : Compatible: N9/N950 […]
Feb 25, 2013
    Quick little video covering the Fennec based browser for the Nokia N9 / N950.   Video:   If you want to join in the discussions then head on over to talk maemo.   Source Nokia Gadgets
Jan 5, 2013
    While there is no official support for Qt5 on Nokia N9 and N950 devices, community-provided snapshots are available through the QtWebkit project. These snapshots are based on weekly hashes used by QtWebkit build bots. Installation: On scratchbox: Add “deb unstable main xcb” to /etc/apt/sources.list On the device: Install the “Qt5 repository package”: It will add […]
Oct 23, 2012
  This Article was first published on AllAboutSymbian: With this direct comparison of the Nokia E7 and N950 'developer' device I don't think I've ever so badly wanted to combine two handsets, picking the best attributes of each - especially galling when you consider that there's no reason whatsoever why Nokia couldn't in fact have […]
Aug 5, 2012
    Firewall+ Pro for Nokia N9 N950 can prevent unwanted call and SMS quietly, automatically and flexibly. Based on blacklist and whitelist, which support import from call log, SMS log and Contacts, flexible block rules can be applied as you want. With schedule mode, Time based rules are allowed, so set it up and […]
Aug 3, 2012
  This Article is from My Nokia Blog:   Nokia Car Mode is available for MeeGo-Harmattan – N9. Has this always been a paid app? And rather steep at £17.99? Nokia Car Mode has been designed for in-car use to make calls, navigate to a destination, or listen to music. Enter your car, plug the […]
Jul 2, 2012
    I posted earlier that Application Developer Mike Shelon is working on Tizen Apps running on MeeGo Harmattan but he is also working on getting porting his Qt app (Eyrie) to run on EFL / Tizen.   This is my first stab at porting Eyrie (, my acoustic fingerprinting and music identification app from […]
Jul 2, 2012
    TizenMee is a new project that developer Mike Sheldon is currently working on and it is designed to be able to make Tizen Applications run on MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9 / N950) using the Tizen API.   Tizmee is a new project I’ve just started hacking together that allows applications using the Tizen […]
Jul 2, 2012
    TizenMee is a new project that developer Mike Sheldon is currently working on and it is designed to be able to make Tizen Applications run on MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N9 / N950) using the Tizen API.   Tizmee is a new project I've just started hacking together that allows applications using the Tizen […]
Jun 18, 2012
    Tweetian is a new Twitter client, written in QT, for the N9/N950. Known Limitations are that the device can’t currently upload pictures (fix being worked on). Features: Swiping left right in the home page to quickly access your timeline, mentions and direct messages Automatically load tweet conversation when you click into a tweet […]
Jun 7, 2012
    With this application,if you want to lock screen,you don't need to press the key physically, just cover the right-top area of your phone.You can also set the cover-times and timeout for your own.   Application – LightLock for Nokia N9/N950 – MeeGo Harmattan #fb — MeeGoExperts (@MeeGoExperts) June 14, 2012   Source […]
Jun 1, 2012
    Inception or open mode required! This is a rewrite of led-event-notifier which uses a new way of monitoring notifications. It still doesn't have a GUI, but you can now configure it to select which pattern you want for which event, and you can disable events you don't want a LED pattern for. The config file […]
May 28, 2012
    Here is a Music Discovery application by Michael Sheldon called Eyrie: Eyrie is an application for the Nokia N9 and N950 phones that can find out information about music that’s playing nearby. It does this by making use of the EchoPrint algorithm to extract musical features from whatever you’re currently hearing. This is then used […]
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