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Jul 17, 2011
  As reported yesterday, FunkySynth is now available for MeeGo Harmattan Devices (Nokia N9 / N950). Well today we have a newer version, v0.12 to be exact. Hopefully I can […]
Jul 17, 2011
  Aerofy is a Subsonic client written in QML that has several upcoming features. Heres the Video: So what is Subsonic ? Subsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing […]
Jul 17, 2011
  Mikrotie have finished their port of Treemaker for the Nokia N950 / MeeGo Harmattan. If you are one of the lucky people with the device then please install it […]
Jul 16, 2011
  Sandst1 Received his Nokia N950 thanks to the N950 Developer Device Program! Below is the start of his journey with FunkeySynth and MeeGo Harmattan: Today started tweaking the FunkeySynth […]
Jul 11, 2011
  Ever wondered what Binary compatibility there is between MeeGo 1.2 Core and MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on x86 ??? Yes, that one tends to keep me up at nights as […]
Jul 11, 2011
  Dhruv Bhutani from the Fone Arena got his greasy hands on the Nokia N950 (what Jealous? Me? No !!! Lol). He looks at the Terminal, Office Docs including PDF […]
Jul 6, 2011
  Yesterday was the first ever Intel AppLab to hit the UK shores and it was a great success!!! Plenty of Willing Developers learning the Intel + MeeGo ways. By […]
Jul 3, 2011
  Usually we see some rough pre-production phones hit eBay every so often but what is really quite amazing in this instance is what can be seen from one eBayer […]
Jun 30, 2011
  The Nokia N9 is the object of desire, but you know there are many that would of preferred the developer only model the Nokia N950, the one with the […]
Jun 28, 2011
  AccuWeather is a company that is no stranger to Nokia or to Developing software using the Nokia Qt SDK. Previously for the Nokia N900 they have developed the AccuWeather […]
Jun 25, 2011
Following on from the initial story in May about the Nokia N9 / N950 passing fcc we now have all those details appearing officially in the full listingĀ found here We […]
Jun 21, 2011
  Yes, Its a Picture. Yes its in the Wild. Presenting the Nokia N950. Although the Nokia N9 has taken center stage since yesterday (following on from Nokia Connection) it […]
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