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Jun 18, 2012
  Who wants to be able to post to FaceBook and Twitter from the Status Bar ? Oh Good, almost everyone 🙂 Developer MAG has updated his hacked Status Bar. Quick status updates is a status menu plugin that allows you to post Facebook and Twitter status updates from the status menu (not many statuses […]
Dec 31, 2011
Article from MyNokiaBlog: This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Since the N900 days, many of us looked all over the web for ways to hack that little beast. My idea, is to create posts, that gather not only my own hacks, but also hacks found around the community, without […]
Dec 31, 2011
  Here is a user guide on how to delete unused and unwanted default apps from the Nokia N9: Here’s how; (Obviously replace userguide with the name of the app. To find app name, use ls after step 2, providing list of files in the directory.) Gain root – devel-su cd /usr/share/applications/ mv userguide.desktop /usr/share/applications/.userguide.desktop […]

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