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Jun 19, 2015
Samsung Electronics have released their Next Gear SDK to developers in order for them to start developing applications for the Next Gear Smartwatch. This is the first time that Samsung has released an SDK before the actual device has been released. Today there has been an update to the Gear SDK, bringing it to version […]
Apr 11, 2014
  If you are a Developer readying yourself for the world of Tizen, then this book maybe of Interest to you. Its called "Tizen Application Development" and is written by Hojun Jaygarl, Yoonsoo Kim and Eunyoung Choi who are Samsung engineers working on Tizen, and Cheng Luo, Kevin Bradwick and Jon Lansdell are experienced professional […]
Nov 15, 2013
  Like ever so often the world is divided in camps: Those that know, love A and hate B; Those that know. hate A and love B, Those with knowledge to see good elements in both A and B and Those who know little but are either in A or B and cry out loud. […]
Jun 16, 2012
    Native Client for Google Maps with places/business search and directions. Offers a Clean user interface to maximize use of the small screen and quick access to all features.   Free for limited time.   Source N9 Apps
Jun 14, 2012
    EFL (The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) were written to support the development of Enlightenment, and ultimately became a complete toolkit for making applications for desktops and especially lower powered devices like phones and tablets. The focus on achieving great effects, ease of programming and lean efficiency has attracted some major players to EFL, such […]

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