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Sep 2, 2012
    Quick video of the Nokia N900 running a new UI with Nemo 2012.08.31 by @nsuffys via MyNokiaBlog:   Video:   Source My Nokia Blog
May 22, 2012
    Below is what developer Sage (Marko Saukko) did to setup his Qt Components Development Environment. First I needed to install qt-development tools for the linux distribution I have […]
Apr 13, 2012
I have been trying to get Galaxy Nexus (i9250) to boot Nemo Mobile lately and finally got something working. Very big thanks for all of this (again) goes to Thomas (also known as dm8tbr […]
Mar 20, 2012
Below is all the information required for the upcoming Maemo elections: It's time for the next Maemo election. Any community member who has karma of 100 or more may be […]
Jan 5, 2012
  New weekly Nemo Mobile release is available for N900/N950/x86. Bugs fixed: NEMO#23 : meegotouchcp-connman contains copy of old libconnman-qt NEMO#71 : Wrong content in task switcher for some apps […]
Jan 5, 2012
    Its that time of week again, a new Nemo release. Heres the Info: Hi, new Nemo Mobile weekly release is available with following changes: Bugs fixed: - NEMO#3 […]
Dec 23, 2011
  new Nemo Mobile weekly release is available, with following changes. Bugs fixed: NEMO#7 - Terminal has no icon NEMO#9 - Battery indicator is not working NEMO#21 - Swipe extension […]
Dec 6, 2011
Mer+Nemo on N900 (Nov 2011) running with Darko theme and some QtComponents apps demonstrated.   Source YouTube
Dec 5, 2011
Simplictionary is a simple reader for dictionaries in XDXF format. It is currently available for MeeGo/Harmattan. Simplictionary comes with no dictionaries. You can download dictionaries that you can use with […]
Dec 3, 2011
  New weekly Nemo Mobile release is available for N900/N950/N9/x86. Bugs fixed: - NEMO#6 - https sites do not work in the browser - NEMO#8 - WiFi indicator is broken […]
Nov 28, 2011
    And so the forces of good forge forward with Nemo, a Linux based mobile optimised Operating System (OS) based on the Mer OS. There are currently versions available […]
Nov 27, 2011
This is a quick video showing Nemo Running on the HP TouchPad. Its early days but we can hopefully see this maturing as Nemo does 🙂   Source Youtube
Nov 22, 2011
There were some speculations about compatibility of Nemo and Harmattan that runs on N9. We have decided to put that to quick test. Here you can see me running N9 […]
Nov 22, 2011
Helium Mobile Browser running on Nokia N900 / Nemo 2011-11-17 Git of Helium Mobile Browse.   Source YouTube

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