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Apr 8, 2020
When you end up giving in and sharing your Netflix password with your loved ones, you want to make sure your user account is untouchable. Not giving in the first is an untouchable method, but, let's move on .......What if they watch the rest of the series you were watching? Thankfully, Nextflix has made it […]
Nov 8, 2019
That's right people, starting on December 1st this year, Netflix is not going to support the older Samsung smart TVs. Netflix is sending out error messages to the TVs of the affected people. Whilst they are doing that, Samsung have written about the news on their official webpage. On Samsung's post about this event, they […]
Jan 31, 2018
As the blockchain waves move hither thither, it seeks to decentralize everything on its path. Will Decentralized Applications (DApps) offering solutions in finance, data management, manufacturing, education and even entertainment replace traditional centralized options? Even without blockchain’s help, the mass market for user-generated content platforms like YouTube and streaming sites (like Netflix and Amazon) have […]
Jan 24, 2018
Finally, AI can read humans! Well, maybe not exactly. However, your Google Home can now know who watches what on Netflix via voice match. This is especially helpful in a home where the different occupants each have different Netflix profiles. Google Home, one of Google's Assistant devices, was launched in the last quarter of 2016. […]
May 31, 2017
With the latest Smart TVs around users don't need to have an external media box to be able to stream content like their favourite shows, movies or music on your TV. Samsung Smart TV is one of such TVs which offer great content without the need for a set-top box. The Tizen-powered Smart TV range from Samsung […]
Sep 1, 2016
Electronics giant Samsung has announced plans to expand its new and existing European Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content partnerships in order to improve consumers' premium television viewing experience. With this latest development, consumers will be able to access all new programming from their preferred content providers, including online content providers […]
Apr 15, 2015
  The Samsung 2015 Tizen TV has an array of technological achievements that have been merged together to make a Super TV of epic proportions, but if that doesn't Impress Smart TV customers in Australia do not fear, Samsung have also included six months of free Netflix access, now that should hit the spot ! […]
Apr 16, 2013
  Netflix has been "frustratingly" using MicroSofts Silverlight technology to deliver streaming video to web browsers on the PC and Mac. I say frustratingly because that does limit what devices you can actually run the application on and if there is not application for your platform then you can't use use the devices web browser. […]

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