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Jul 11, 2016
Recently Samsung announced a whopping 44 new TV sets for the Indian consumers. The TVs belong to a total of three groups- The SUHD line which has the company's flagship TVs, the Smart TV series and the budget friendly JOY BEAT series. The price of these TVs ranges between Rs 28,000 to Rs. 24 lakh. […]
Jan 27, 2015
  Samsung Electronics said on Monday that they are going to invest Rs 517 crore ($84.2M USD) in expanding its mobile phone plant in Noida. This is the same plant which is manufacturing the Samsung Z1 Tizen Smartphone and the Noida Research Centre is developing most of the phone software. "Uttar Pradesh is one of […]
Jan 25, 2015
  As we have reported Samsung has been sending the parts for its Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS to be assembled at its Noida plant in India, which has the capacity to produce over 4 million handsets per month. The Samsung Z1 was launched in India as the first Tizen based commercial handset at a competitive price […]
Jan 14, 2015
  We reported yesterday tht the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H Smartphone will launch today and well ... It has. Samsung India Electronics have just announced the launch of the first Tizen based Smartphone for India, the Samsung Z1. The Tizen Experts Team and Linux enthusiasts EVERYWHERE (almost everywhere) are delighted to see this moment finally happen. […]
Jan 13, 2015
Yesterday we did an article that the Samsung Z1 would have applications such as WhatsApp released and ready to Install at launch. Talking about launch dates, it looks like to could be tomorrow !!!. Well today we have some more details. It was in-fact an Android application that was installed using Open Mobile’s ACL Technology, […]
Jan 13, 2015
  We knew (hoped) the Tizen based Samsung Z1 was going to be released this week, well it looks like it might even be as soon as TOMORROW. Samsung has sent out BGR.IN an invite for an event in New Delhi set for tomorrow with the tagline: “Come, Enjoy Samsung’s Next Product” This is the […]

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