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Oct 31, 2011
Here is a Camera test comparing the Nokia N9 with the N8 carried out by SlipKoRnSaad of Maemo Briefs: As Damian Dinning alraedy pointed out in his post at Nokia Conversations, the Nokia N8 is still the camera king. But the N9 is a great performing camera considering the 70% reduction in size, you surely […]
Oct 14, 2011
Below is an Excellent Article from GSM Arena showing a comparison between the Nokia N9 and Nokia N8, N8 being the current heavy weight champion of the mobile phone optics world: We’re continuing our work on the Nokia N9 review and we have another bit to share with you – a quick look at the […]
Jun 26, 2011
  Everybody knows that the Nokia N8 is the Mobile Phone Camera King and as such no one expected the Nokia N9 to take it on in this respect, but the final specs of the Nokia N9 showed that it is packing some serious Carl Zeiss heat in this department. As the phone isn't even […]
May 12, 2011
  Not your normal MeeGo news but i was curious to see how the nokia N8 would suit the average blogger with being his travel companion to cover a conference, so that's what I did. You've got to keep in mind when Nokia brings a MeeGo device to market then it might inherit some of […]

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