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Aug 2, 2011
  The following article Appears on Talk Maemo and was written by member Helex. The N9 has no keyboard. It's not very comfortable while typing sms or mails on the […]
Aug 1, 2011
  Presenting a MeeGo Harmattan Application to read Google News. NewsG is Current in beta, but its a stable beta 🙂 Features - 30+ editions - Topics configurable - Images can […]
Jul 31, 2011
  This is a port of a maemo/symbian game Space Invaders to MeeGo Harmatten. Quick Video showing it running on the Nokia N950 🙂 Features Acceleromter Controls Settings Panel Hi […]
Jul 31, 2011
    Tommi Laukkanen had a dilemma . He needed a Task ToDo Manager that he could run on his "New" Nokia N950 but the Application didn't exist. Well, Like […]
Jul 31, 2011
  Here is a demo of “Plonk” demoed on the Nokia N950 MeeGo-Harmattan phone. This Games conception started at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco this year. It was originally […]
Jul 29, 2011
  AntSnes is a SuperNintendo emulator for MeeGo Harmattan running on the Nokia N950 but it should run on the Nokia N9. Yes, we have an Emulator people. I'm well […]
Jul 28, 2011
  "Looking sweet" is the words that come to mind. So this is the plan, Check out this YouTube video below to see what an Excellent job Milot has done […]
Jul 28, 2011
  You want Opera Mobile on your MeeGo Harmattan device at ANY cost ? Well Ricardo (also named XeN or XenGi online) has found his way to hack it on, […]
Jul 26, 2011
  Its good to see a variety of different Apps being developed for MeeGo Harmattan. This is a Stock Quote tracking application for MeeGo Harmattan Nokia N9 / N950. Markets […]
Jul 25, 2011
  Martin Grimme is the proud developer of the "Music Shelf" application which aims at being simple, easy and good-looking. My little app Music Shelf is a MeeGo music player that aims […]
Jul 25, 2011
  Now that Tommi Laukkanen has got his Nokia N950, Development for his NewsFlow client (written in plain QML and JavaScript), can gain momentum. NewsFlow is a client to Google […]
Jul 25, 2011
  Nelisquare is a Foursquare client to Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo devices written in QML. You can check-in to venus, search interesting places nearby and check your friends check-ins.   […]
Jul 20, 2011
  Developers sighed a sigh of relief as the first twitter client TwimGo capable of running on the Nokia N950 (MeeGo Harmattan) was let loose by @vgrade as can be […]
Jul 18, 2011
  Globally the Nokia N950's are rolling out to eager Developers. We have already seen quite a few ported applications (in what seems record time) and many more on the […]
Jul 17, 2011
  As reported yesterday, FunkySynth is now available for MeeGo Harmattan Devices (Nokia N9 / N950). Well today we have a newer version, v0.12 to be exact. Hopefully I can […]
Jul 17, 2011
  Aerofy is a Subsonic client written in QML that has several upcoming features. Heres the Video: So what is Subsonic ? Subsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing […]
Jul 17, 2011
  Mikrotie have finished their port of Treemaker for the Nokia N950 / MeeGo Harmattan. If you are one of the lucky people with the device then please install it […]
Jul 16, 2011
  Sandst1 Received his Nokia N950 thanks to the N950 Developer Device Program! Below is the start of his journey with FunkeySynth and MeeGo Harmattan: Today started tweaking the FunkeySynth […]
Jul 15, 2011
  Panucci is a AudioBook and PodCast player developed by Jens Persson (xerxes2). After receiving his Nokia N950 courtesy of the Community Device Program (CDP) he went straight to work […]
Jul 11, 2011
  Ever wondered what Binary compatibility there is between MeeGo 1.2 Core and MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan on x86 ??? Yes, that one tends to keep me up at nights as […]

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