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Mar 7, 2013
    A new release of BitPurse is available, It should be available soon in Nokia Store, but is already available here BitPurse 1.5 for Harmattan. What's new : BitPurse didn't depends anymore on MyWallet Your addresses and private keys are stored encrypted on your device.       Source Benoit HERVIER
Sep 3, 2012
    MOLOME™ is a easy & fun way to share your journey of life. Grab your phone, snap photos or choose from Gallery, experience cool effects beyond creativity and share it with your friends or show it to the world via Social Network. Latest version: 2.2.1 (August, 2012) Release Notes: v2.2.1: Fix display but […]
Aug 3, 2012
  This Article is from My Nokia Blog:   Nokia Car Mode is available for MeeGo-Harmattan – N9. Has this always been a paid app? And rather steep at £17.99? Nokia Car Mode has been designed for in-car use to make calls, navigate to a destination, or listen to music. Enter your car, plug the […]
Jul 7, 2012
    I know it, I know it, I know you guys are waiting for it. Here come another update version 2.1.8, packed with lots of new features and big filter improvements. Oh, and your new picture now got bigger too ! MOLO ^0^     I know it, I know it, I know your […]
Jul 6, 2012
    Sharetus, my app for Nokia N9 that allows easy sharing and bookmarking on many popular social media and bookmarking sites, is now available for installation from Nokia Store, for free! Happy, my first app that has been properly released to an app market 😉 Version 0.8 includes the following changes since version 0.5 […]
Jun 16, 2012
    That’s right, a couple of weeks ago new versions of SeriesFinale were released. There was a long absence between these and the previous releases. The truth is that it has become more and more difficult for me to find the motivation (and time) to do work on an application for platforms I am not […]
May 29, 2012
  The application called "Billboard" that we previously mentioned has now made its way to the Nokia Store:   ... its goal is to provide useful information on the low-power-mode screen of the N9 in a way that "normal" users can use it. It also tries to be very lightweight on resources, and smart about […]
May 16, 2012
    If you were looking for ways to share your favorite applications installed on your phone with your friends then your search ends here. With ShareApps application you can share links to your apps directly from your phone. It’s a great way for you to tell your friends and peers about your favorite apps. […]
Apr 5, 2012
Nokia Developer Champion Alessandro Pace (biskero to his friends) is a mobile architect and entrepreneur with over 5 million downloads in Nokia Store to his company’s credit. Working out of his home base of Firenze, Italy, he is a world-renowned expert on Flash Mobile development, a WURFL contributor for Flash Lite, co-founder of Mobile Monday Boston, and […]
Feb 8, 2012
  Measure the light levels of your surroundings. Featuring min and max levels and real time graphs, this app is all you need for your measurements.     New in 1.1.0: Time period in graph can be changed between 80s, 800s, 1h, 5h, 10h and 24h Screen saver to prevent screen burn-in on longer measuring […]
Jan 11, 2012
A Simple Note app for MeeGo Harmattan, keep your notes organised and synced to the cloud using MeeNote. This App also included List support to for you to create Synced lists too!   Source Ovi Store
Jan 10, 2012
  Main View:   Main view has the analog meter showing the light level in lux. The light level can also be seen in digital form below the meter. Min and max values can be seen in the smaller digital displays which can be reset by pushing the 'Reset' button. Buttons: Graph: Opens graph view. […]
Jan 10, 2012
    Easy to use Qml Dropbox client for Nokia N9 devices. It is a port of the acclaimed Symbian client. Supports all mobile dropbox functions like file copy/move/delete, file uploading and downloading. It features minimal network traffic by caching Dropbox file listings and thumbnails. More feature to be available soon.   Source Ovi Store
Jan 10, 2012
  This is the improved version of the award winning application CarBlackBox. The application records and keeps track of what happens on the road by taking pictures and GPS coordinates. Car Black Box enhances everyday life by providing means to communicate when communication is difficult, but necessary.           This application is […]
Jan 9, 2012
  Calendar view:   Main view of the application. The calendar opens showing the current day on the left page. Flip calendar pages by touching the lower left or lower right corner of the calendar. Start by adding your own exercises and workouts into the database by touching the pencil and notepad in the lower […]
Jan 9, 2012
Simple countdown timer to help you stop your playing music . Sleeper is a small countdown timer for Nokia N9 and N950. Slepper is very simple but it’s very useful for people who love listen to music when falling asleep. The main feature of the application is to stop the playback music. Users can spin […]
Jan 6, 2012
Don't want the device screensaver to go on when using applications like speedometers, timers, etc.? BackLighter does just that. BackLighter disables the screensaver from dimming the device while the application is left running and set to ON. The screensaver can be once again enabled by setting the switch to OFF position or by closing the […]
Jan 6, 2012
    TaxiPal is the award-winning free and easy taxi-cab ordering service with the widest coverage: EU, US and Canada – more than 2500 cities in total. A must have for any traveller! TaxiPal coverage includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, […]
Jan 6, 2012
    Every choice we make during a day has an effect on our body. Bad choices can cause diseases, some being fatal, make your skin look bad/older, give you a bad life quality and shorter life. Right choices will improve quality of life, make you feel better, improve energy, make you look good and […]
Jan 6, 2012
I am liking these Live Icon hacks that have been popping up for the N9. First was the calendar and now we have a Clock. (Read somewhere more are on the way.) The clock displays the time. If the screen is not locked, the icon will be refreshed every five minutes. Simply install the app, […]
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