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Oct 11, 2017
Samsung Electronics is one of the top consumer electronics manufacturing company in the world. Even though they have manufactured some good phones, but it seems to be a different story when it comes to their laptops. Samsung has made a few solid laptops, but apart from its high-end Chromebooks and the sleek Galaxy Book, most of […]
May 26, 2015
  According to a patent application at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Samsung has applied for a patent for what is seen as a "next-generation" dual-OS notebook, which also has a phablet dock. The dual-OS notebook, with the ever important phablet dock, will allow a phablet like the companies Samsung Note series to […]
Dec 7, 2010
One of the most cited features of technology is that it helps humans do things faster, easier and more accurately. While we have gone far from the next room call placed by Graham, we still have giant strides to make. Nokia has been putting great effort in making significant contributions to the world's technological developments. […]
Dec 3, 2010
Intel recently revealed the first MeeGo netbooks that go on sale at an Intel press event held in Moscow. Prototypes of MeeGo-Intel Atom-based smartphone and a tablet were also displayed at the event. Here we bring you further information about the MeeGo devices. The devices running on the Linux based Operating System, MeeGo, has plenty of features to […]
Nov 25, 2010
Another quick video showing you all the MeeGo + Lenovo goodness at the Meego Conference. This time it's an app that took them about 2 weeks to write with a front-end is written in QML and the backend written in C++. ICS shows you how the dashboard can integrate with a fuel injection system.
Nov 24, 2010
At the MeeGo Conference, we got to see a custom UI running on the Lenovo Notebook and Nokia N900 by Digia whos core business areas are enterprise and mobile solutions, employing over 1,500 experts in Finland, Sweden, Russia and China. They are attracted to MeeGo because of the fast software development cycle and ease of […]
Nov 18, 2010
  Well, Meego Conference has finished and as everyone collects their thoughts I've come across an interesting tweet by jeremie_laval. It's basically a method to change the User interface for the Lenovo S10-3t more like a standard slate. Please follow this Link for the blow by blow instructions and also let us know how you […]

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