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Dec 3, 2015
  Small rumours have been circulating for a while with regards to the fate of the Samsung NX line of cameras, and now it looks like their fate is sealed as there is official word from Samsung UK : "In the UK, we have seen a gradual and sustained decline in demand for standalone digital […]
Aug 25, 2015
  Samsung has released a firmware / software update for its Tizen based Smartcamera, tje Samsung NX500. The update, version 1.11, provides further improvements in autofocus whilst zooming across 6 lenses: Samsung NX 16-50mm F2.0-2.8 S ED OIS, Samsung 50-150mm F2.8 S, Samsung NX 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS, Samsung NX 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS, […]
Jun 25, 2015
  Samsung has a released a firmware update for its Tizen based NX500 mirrorless camera that improves substantially on autofocus and video. Autofocus is said to be improved in low light, face detection, and movie mode. A new Zone AF mode has been added, and there are now five AF area sizes to choose from. The […]
May 31, 2015
  Is it a killer? Seems like we are perpetually waiting for either an Android or an iPhone killer, but today we are looking at the Samsung NX500 and seeing if this little beast can be thought of as being a Canon 5D Mark III killer! The 5D is Canon's top range DSLR camera and […]
Mar 23, 2015
  Samsung NX500 The Samsung NX500 represents the latest innovation of Samsung Tizen in Smartphones. The DRIMe V Imaging Processor in the NX500 is the same one found in the NX1, but in a smaller, more portable form factor.   "...the Samsung NX500 gives you ultimate speed and superb image quality with its NX AF […]
Mar 13, 2015
Samsung Electronics has today released the NX500, its latest mirrorless camera that replaces the NX300M Smart camera, and features a 28-megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor that has Back Side Illumination (BSI), making it ideal as a small camera for clear pictures in low light environments. “We recognize the sentimental value of a photograph in people’s lives […]
Feb 5, 2015
  The Smart Camera magicians at Samsung have got the core of the NX1 performance, and transplanted it in a more compact device that is designed for everyday use. We have the advanced technology from the NX1 such as the 28MP BSI APS-C sensors, 4K and UHD video recording, DRIMeV image processor, NX AF system […]
Jan 17, 2015
  The Samsung NX500 has not been announced yet but it has been leaked and is already available for pre-order at B&H, a professional photography store, and is listed as "coming soon". The price tag for the camera with a 16-50mm lens is $799.99 USD. The official announcement for the Samsung NX500 is expected soon.   […]
Jan 16, 2015
  Samsung NX500 Specifications have leaked online for another Tizen based camera, the Samsung NX500 mirrorless camera taken from an European online retailer, bring priced at €999 ($1,100) for two lens kit and €749 for a kit with one lens, with shipping starting in February:     Samsung NX 500 Specifications 28M BSI CMOS sensor Hybrid […]
Dec 26, 2014
  A New Tizen Smart Camera It seems it is the season of rumours and as such we have reported about the Samsung Z2 Smartphone destined for Russia, and now there is another rumour that Samsung will announce a new NX mirrorless Tizen Smartcamera at CES 2015 next month. It was thought that it was […]
Dec 19, 2014
  Samsung has had a busy year with Tizen and not only in with Smart watches. Following the release of the first Tizen Smart Camera, the Samsung NX-300M, we have had the NX Mini, NX 30 and recently the NX1. Now the site Sammobile are reporting that Samsung is working on a Smart Camera that […]

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