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Aug 16, 2011
  Looks like another online retailer has popped up selling the Nokia N9 on Pre-Order. This time its 4CV in Poland but it seems like a small retailer (unless I'm wrong). This is for 2400PLN which according to the tweet I saw was approx 580 EUR. Also worth bearing in mind that Poland IS one […]
Jul 27, 2011
  According to the online Swiss Orange website ( the Nokia N9 will be released on the 15th September. This is the first time that the Nokia N9 has been seen being sold online by a Service Provider (Courier) as I don't think I've seen it anywhere else. As many of you know, the Nokia […]
Jul 26, 2011
  Following on from last weeks story Asus to start marketing Atom N435-based Eee PC X101 netbook in July – MeeGo, It looks like a US Online retailer is first out of the gates retailing the Asus Eee PC-X101 NetBook. We were WOW'ed with how thin we have found the Netbook at Computex and […]
Jun 23, 2011
  This is the first price tag that we have seen for the Nokia N9 in the flesh. SuperTrader is a UK online retailer and has slapped on a £599.99 price tag for this little baby. Most SmartPhones are usually priced £450 upwards so this does seem a bit hefty. This might just be the […]

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