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Dec 1, 2017
On the 25th and 26th of October 2017 in Seoul, together with Arkadiusz Włodarczyk I had the opportunity to represent Samsung Poland R&D at the SOSCON 2017. The main goal of this annual conference is to promote open source solutions and show how you can use them to improve the world around us. At SOSCON […]
Nov 2, 2015
  The Samsung Open Source Release Center web portal is the go-to site for downloading the source code for open source packages used in all Samsung products.   That spans everything from TVs and cameras and mobile devices and printers and much more. The web portal is hosted at To make effective use of the web site, […]
Dec 5, 2014
  The following video shows Samsung embarking on a journey. The journey is Open Source which was started 18 months ago with a single member, Linux and FOSS advocate Ibrahim Haddad. Fast forward to today and there are over 40 people at the new Open Source Innovation Group, which includes 20 developers, devoted full-time to […]
Jun 30, 2014
  The dates for FOSDEM 2015 have been announced, and it will take place on Saturday 31 January and Sunday 1 February 2015 at the ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belguim. FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of open source software. Many consider this event as the best Open […]
May 15, 2014
Most of this posts text is in the slides where  Dr. Ibrahim Haddad who is the Head of the Open Source Group within Samsung Research America explains Samsung's focus on improving it's footprint in open source software. By participating and contributing to key projects and a lot of new products. A contribution which might make them one […]
Oct 9, 2013
  In recent years, Samsung has moved from being a consumer of open source software to one of the largest and active companies participating in contributing to it. In fact they are a top 10 contributor to the Linux kernel. For further information about how Samsung is taking onboard, learning and adapting to open source […]
May 25, 2013
  Blinkx has announced a Blinkx App for its video search engine and an open source Blinkx Video Player which will be available on the Tizen store. Blinkx itself boasts over 35 million hours of online video so is an a fantastic addition to the Tizen app ecosystem and the community. “Developers will be able to access […]
Apr 17, 2013
  When you think of open source, you probably think of Linux, engines such as the WebKit browser engine and the Java language and virtual machine, and open source software such as LibreOffice, Firefox, Apache HTTP server, Git, Asterisk, and MySQL. You may not think of appliances, TVs, and cameras -- but that's exactly where consumer […]
Mar 21, 2013
    This is a recording of the technical Webinar that took place on the 20th March 2013 entitled Leveraging the Tizen IVI Build Infrastructure.   Abstract: Tizen IVI provides a software distribution for innovating solutions optimized for a broad set of automotive applications ranging from Instrumentation Cluster to In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) and more. This webinar […]
Mar 3, 2013
  In the ecosystem gamble of “open” or “closed,” Ford is putting all its chips on open. At this week’s Mobile World Congress, Ford announced it’s releasing the proprietary source code for its Sync AppLink platform to Genivi, an automotive-centric open source alliance. The announcement follows Ford offering up its Sync AppLink system to competing automakers, […]
Jun 16, 2012
Today (and yesterday) the Devaamo Summit #Devaamo2012 is in full swing with sessions and showcases focusing on openness in development. A live stream has now been started for track one: Video: If the video above does not work, Try opening the following URL in your browser or VLC   Source Mobilelinuxnews
Apr 17, 2012
    A developer working for Texas Instruments has reverse-engineered his competitor's (Qualcomm) driver and written an open-source Snapdragon driver. With being tainted by legal documents at Texas Instruments, the developer who is also involved with Linaro, had no other choice but to work on an open source graphics driver for his competitor in his free […]
Dec 30, 2011
In 1999, Linux founder Linus Torvalds joked about plans for world domination. But as the Linux kernel celebrated its 20th birthday this year, Linux, and open source in general, have achieved a limited version of world domination. As we reported in August, Linux in its many forms now powers a majority of the world's supercomputers. […]
Nov 27, 2011
Automotive electronics are becoming more sophisticated each year, and it's reaching the point at which some cars may soon need built-in operating systems in order for people to use them properly. Not too far in the future, if you buy a new car, you may find that Android or a Linux-based OS is riding shotgun. […]
Sep 22, 2011
  Yesterday there was yet another announcement that sent the MeeGo world into a Samsung Flutter as the Wall Street Journal report that Samsung is planning to open source their Bada smartphone platform. Bada is not an operating system itself. It is middleware, application framework and the only feasible way to open source it would […]
Sep 12, 2011
  Podcatcher Source Code is now available. Please Support the Developer by purchasing from the Ovi Store.   Podcatcher for N9 is a podcast manager for the Nokia N9 and other MeeGo Harmattan compatible devices. It let's you subscribe to, browse and download podcasts to your phone. It will automate updating the podcast episodes and […]
Aug 12, 2011
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is software that comes with a license that gives users certain rights. In particular the right to use the software, to modify it, to obtain its source, and to pass it on. Nokia has a vast range of open source projects under it. Some projects are hosted directly by […]
Aug 4, 2011
  In a study with eight Open Source Projects Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse it was found that Googles Android was last, by a fair margin. The study was carried out by the market research firm VisionMobile focusing on open governance, inclusiveness, transparency and ease of access to source code. When […]
Aug 3, 2011
  Time to pack the suit case again. The destination this time is Berlin and the Event is the Desktop Summit which is bringing together two of the largest communities of free desktop environment developers: Gnome and KDE. The Desktop Summit 2011 is a joint conference organised by the GNOME and KDE communities in Berlin, Germany, 6 - […]
May 29, 2011
  BasysKom showed off their much talked about new User Interface (UI) Plasma Active at MeeGo Conference San Francisco 2011. The UI has been created in only in a matter of weeks and shows what we expect to see time and time again in how User Interfaces can be developed. Saying that the interface that […]

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