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May 28, 2013
  This is a quick video showing a demonstration of Opera Mobile running on a Tizen Developer Device. Overall the application ran quite well, infact, possibly better than some of the competition. Opera is still working on this and hope to have a finished and polished product by launch. Check it out:    
Feb 22, 2012
Since our previous releases of Opera Mobile for MeeGo, we have noticed that a lot of our users have been hanging out for an official Opera Mobile build for the Nokia N9 and N950 Harmattan phones. Well, today is your lucky day — we're happy to announce that a Labs release of Opera Mobile 11.5 […]
Jul 28, 2011
  You want Opera Mobile on your MeeGo Harmattan device at ANY cost ? Well Ricardo (also named XeN or XenGi online) has found his way to hack it on, but beware this will "break" your package manager. Instructions and link to his site and download file are below: Important Note: There is no way […]
Apr 4, 2011
We knew Opera 11 for MeeGo was coming a couple of weeks ago but didn’t know exactly when. Well, when is NOW, so thats cool, I always like companies pushing things through and not teasing the audience to death (Are you listening there RIM ?). Here is a video courtesty of NetBook news of the […]
Mar 19, 2011
Opera Mobile 11 will coming to Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and MeeGo platforms and is going to be showcased at CTIA next week. Interestingly its not been stated as coming to Windows Mobile 7. All new, tablets join the performance to showcase smooth browsing with a sparkling new interface that is sure to knock your […]

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