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Dec 17, 2018
The first blockchain-oriented mainstream browser for surfing and interacting with the decentralized web is here. Opera announced the browser at an event in London recently. The browser comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and is currently available for Android users.   Opera launches a blockchain-oriented decentralized web browser Opera is rolling out a new update to its Android browser which brings […]
Jan 26, 2018
About a week ago, Opera made an announcement that they will be adding protection to its mobile browser software in order to protect users from crypto mining malware scripts. This is a welcome development considering malware attack perpetrators are increasingly adopting mobile platforms. After all, most online wallets use a web app which users access […]
Oct 7, 2014
  Opera Software have announced today that their Opera Mini browser will be available as a FREE download for the upcoming Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. Users will now have the ability of browse the web from the comfort of their wrist. Opera Mini has the ability to shrink a webpage down to an amazing 10% […]
May 28, 2013
  This is a quick video showing a demonstration of Opera Mobile running on a Tizen Developer Device. Overall the application ran quite well, infact, possibly better than some of the competition. Opera is still working on this and hope to have a finished and polished product by launch. Check it out:    
Jun 26, 2012
    As the last blog post discussed, jQuery version 1.8 is undergoing a spring cleaning to remove insecure, inefficient, ineffective, and inadvisable features. We’ve also begun the work to allow you to build custom versions that exclude parts of the library for even greater savings. Those efforts will make it possible for you to […]
Mar 26, 2012
One tidbit of information that has been floating around on the Inter-Web today was an interesting test result from For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a website designed to benchmark web browsers in their support of HTML5. Initially, I was not going to start shouting about this but it seems the […]
Nov 11, 2011
Opera Software today released the beta of Opera 11.60, the next update of its flagship desktop browser. The beta introduces Ragnarök, Opera’s implementation of the new HTML5 parsing algorithm. Because HTML5 specifies how browsers should handle incorrect code, browsers will soon handle coding missteps the same way — a big win for web-application compatibility across […]
Nov 11, 2011
A beta release of Opera 11.60, which was made available this week, includes a number of significant improvements to the browser’s HTML rendering engine. It also brings a visual overhaul to the built-in e-mail client and a few other nice cosmetic improvements. Over the past two years, the developers behind Opera have taken major steps […]
Apr 4, 2011
We knew Opera 11 for MeeGo was coming a couple of weeks ago but didn’t know exactly when. Well, when is NOW, so thats cool, I always like companies pushing things through and not teasing the audience to death (Are you listening there RIM ?). Here is a video courtesty of NetBook news of the […]
Mar 19, 2011
Opera Mobile 11 will coming to Android, Symbian, Windows 7 and MeeGo platforms and is going to be showcased at CTIA next week. Interestingly its not been stated as coming to Windows Mobile 7. All new, tablets join the performance to showcase smooth browsing with a sparkling new interface that is sure to knock your […]

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