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Oct 23, 2015
Wearables are red hot and Samsung¬†are at the tip of the spear with the Gear S2. ¬† What some people may not appreciate yet, though, is the role which wearables […]
Jul 21, 2015
  VirtualBox has just received a major update from Oracle, with the final release of VirtualBox 5.0, which is one of the most powerful OS virtualisation solutions on the market. […]
May 22, 2012
  Tizen SDK on Ubuntu only supports Oracle's Java implementation opposed to OpenJDK which is the one that it ships with preinstalled. The instructions below are how I installed Oracle […]
Aug 7, 2011
  In Googles official blog Google's Chief Legal Officer and Senior VP, David Drummond accused Microsoft, Apple and Oracle of campaign of patent war against Android. ... Although there are […]

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