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Jan 14, 2016
  A little motivation from others can make people do brave things. Now with a community of over 15 million people all sharing one mutual determination of staying fit by working out, that becomes a motivation on a whole new level. Skimble is a platform with that sort of a huge community.     Skimble […]
Jan 13, 2016
  Media Square - a connected experience Our media devices are increasingly becoming more connected as we diverge further from the the one user, one device, one app setup that we are used to, as this does not apply to an environment that has multiple devices, with lots of media that can be shared to […]
Jan 11, 2016
In all honesty, this year at CES had a lot of things happening in wearable electronics but surprisingly Smartwatches weren't the reason for it (except for Huawei and Fitbit). One of the many reasons to why consumers aren't jumping onto the smartwatch bandwagon has to deal with the lack of a robust method to chat/text […]
Jan 5, 2016
  Tasker is an application that is well known and established on Android smartphones which lets you schedule / automate a variety of tasks, that can be based on running applications, the day, events, location, a particular state or the time. For instance you can automate a text message to be sent when you arrive […]
Dec 29, 2015
  Watches have evolved over the last few years. Yes, they still tell the time and possibly the date if you are that lucky, but now we expect so much more from them as we enter the world of the smart watch. We want the time, weather, notifications, apps, and anything else that is possible. […]
Dec 29, 2015
  If you are a frequent flyer then there is an Interesting flight app coming to the Gear S2. Quicket is an application available on iOS, Android, Windows, and is coming soon to Tizen. It is hoped the app helps you take the stress out of arranging your flight and also keeping you up to […]
Dec 21, 2015
  We’ve been told by the IDC time and time again that smartwatch adoption is on the rise, but it seems as though the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch with soaring sales at the moment. From what we know, Apple has at least 7 million Apple Watch sales right now, with the other manufacturers […]
Dec 16, 2015
  AT&T have released the new NumberSync service which lets consumers leave their phone at home and bring their number with them using the Samsung Gear S2, available for $99.99 with a Two-Year Agreement. With the service you are able to make and receive calls as well as the ability to send and receive text […]
Dec 14, 2015
Hey Devs, are you ready to put your developer Samsung Gear S2 skills to the test? There have been several developer contests regarding Tizen devices over the years and now I happy to say a new contest has started in the Ukraine. You get to develop S2 apps and submit them to Samsung Galaxy Apps […]
Dec 14, 2015
  The technological race is a relentless one. Every manufacturer and software provider on the quest for that unique implementable idea that can capture the consumer mindset and they climb the market share ladder. Now there are a few Samsung patent filings that show what they believe their Gear watches might be capable of in […]
Dec 14, 2015
  Have you been anticipating a Gear Live 2 from Samsung running Android Wear? Well, we’re way past Google’s 2015 I/O Conference, so I think it’s safe to say that the Android Wear-powered Gear Live 2 is a no-show. With that said, however, I don’t think the Gear Live 2 was ever meant to be. […]
Dec 13, 2015
  When the Gear S2 first launched, one of the apps that Samsung showed off was the KLM Flight app which unfortunately was not available when it came to release day. Well, now the app has been released on the Tizen Store and can be accessed using the Gear Manager app on your compatible handset. […]
Dec 1, 2015
  In this video tutorial you will be Introduced you to different Gear Application Types that are supported by gear wearable devices. You will be Informed about the architecture, the services linking devices together, and how to make the Gear and Galaxy work together to create seamless experiences. The Gear Manager app runs on the host […]
Nov 25, 2015
  It's all about the Black Friday deals at the moment, and it seems that almost every retailer is gearing up to sell you something or other. The Samsung Gear S2 might be on-sale in the coming days, but it seems like Macy’s in the US has got a good deal for the smartwatch at […]
Nov 24, 2015
  According to XDA member Supersoulfly, the Samsung Gear S2 has received a software / firmware update in Korea, taking it to version R732XXU2BOKF. There is no changelog but Mr Supersoulfly has been kind enough to list the changes that he can see:   Changes Auto Open Apps option - This allows you to scroll […]
Nov 20, 2015
  Hey Developers, Great news as we see new Tizen wearable devices, the Samsung Gear S2 (SM-R730S) and the Samsung Z3 (SM-Z300H), going Live on the Remote Test Lab (RTL). The RTL already has the Samsung Z1, and previously has the Samsung TM1 that the Z3 is now replacing.       The RTL is […]
Nov 18, 2015
  We have the seen the the Gear S2 go on sale in the US, UK, South Korea, China, and some European countries. Behind the scenes Samsung is working hard with its Partners in an effort to bring more major apps to the Tizen Smartwatch platform. Two of the latest apps to become available on […]
Nov 11, 2015
  Voxer have announced the release of their voice messaging app for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and boast true "Dick Tracy 2-Way Wrist-Radio functionality to a smartwatch for the first time ..."   “Voxer lets users move well beyond text messaging to truly impart clear, direct communication with their personality to friends, family members […]
Nov 10, 2015
  The Gear S2 is an impressive bit of Tizen hardware with its Intuitive bezel, giving you a new dimension of user experience. This is a feature that Samsung took a painstakingly long time to design, in-fact more design than its predecessors got. Now, we see another promotional ad go live for the S2 entitled […]
Nov 4, 2015
  The Samsung gear S2 has making its global rollout and being well received, with over 2,000 smartwatches being sold a day in Korea. Now the S2 has been released in China and is reported to have sold over 180,000 units in only eight hours. The majority of sales from Online retailer Jingdong Mall (京东 […]
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