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Jan 5, 2015
  As we wait for the launch of the Samsung Tizen TV at CES tomorrow, and then hopefully the Samsung Z1 later this month, we have a little bit of […]
Mar 1, 2014
  The new Samsung Gear 2 and the Samsung Gear Neo are brandishing the new Tizen Operating System (OS), and currently looking at a worldwide release of April this year. […]
Mar 14, 2012
    "Because I can ....." The above phrase has never made sense to me, doing something just because you can or even climbing a mountain because its there. But […]
Jul 20, 2011
  I don't really get into the whole .... Awwwwww thats a cute picture, but I have to say the following Family Picture did make my heart melt, So I […]
Mar 20, 2011 member jvanhou wasn't like the rest of us, running around howling at the moon, he was being useful, photographing it with his Nokia N900 and check out the view: […]

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