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May 4, 2015
We have mentioned previously about the rumoured upcoming Samsung Z2 Smartphone and an un-named Global Tizen Smartphone. Well today these are allegedly leaked images of the Samsung Z2, a Tizen […]
Jan 29, 2015
  Samsung Z1 is here The #TizenExperts Team are proud owners of the Samsung Z1 Smartphone. We are excited about the possibilities a true linux based smartphone brings us, and […]
Jan 12, 2015
  Whilst we wait for the Tizen Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H, here is a little bit of Information to keep you going until the expected 18 January launch date. The phone […]
Dec 25, 2014
Its been an exciting time this week for the first Tizen Samsung Z1 Smartphone SM-Z130H. We have had its final specifications and images leaked via a secret partner meeting in […]
Nov 20, 2014
  The Samsung Z was the high end Tizen Smartphone that we were expecting to release at the Samsung Developer Summit in Moscwow, but didn't. The Smartphone was put on […]
Mar 18, 2014
  Oh how I love the words Leak used in the same sentence as Tizen !!! Leaked images have hit the internet regarding a Samsung launch event tomorrow. Initially it […]
Dec 18, 2013
  Our friends at Sammy Today got an exclusive sneak peek at a new User Interface, that looks quite different and dare we say it "Fresh". Above we have a […]
Sep 9, 2013
    Tizen 3.0 Operating System is still very much under development at the moment and is scheduled to launch early 2014. Pictures have surfaced showing the Tizen User Interface […]
Oct 14, 2011
Below is an Excellent Article from GSM Arena showing a comparison between the Nokia N9 and Nokia N8, N8 being the current heavy weight champion of the mobile phone optics […]
Sep 26, 2011
  In this album you'll find some nice features of MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9 / N950) ! 🙂 p.s. Thanks Amanda.           Source Facebook
Aug 24, 2011
  "Things will never be the same again" As we have reported previously, the guys at Compulab have joined some of the MeeGo Developer faithful on a quest to get […]
Jul 22, 2011
  A week ago we got the Nokia N9 Service Manual showing the N9 in its birthday suit. Now the N9 hits the FCC and confirms its specifications of: Quadband […]

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