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Nov 26, 2013
Porting Your Game To Tizen YoYo Games have previously announced that they support Tizen in their GameMaker Studio Application. They are also offering you $60,000 in cash prizes. Today in […]
Nov 7, 2013
  INTEL® HTML5 APP PORTER TOOL - BETA This is a Guest Post by Julio Staude, Intel Tizen Community Manager Introducing the  "The Intel® HTML5 App Porter Tool - BETA!" […]
Jul 11, 2013
  Below are a series of videos from the Tizen BeMyApp weekend in France , so the following videos are in French. These video's document developer plans , experiences and […]
Jul 5, 2013
  According to the senior director for Technology of Infraware over 80% of the existing Android apps can be converted for Tizen Store using their engine. This was mentioned during […]
Jul 3, 2013
  4 Million euros are up for grabs at the BeMyApp Tizen challenge this weekend in France. The event will take place from 7PM on Friday 5th July and code […]
Jul 3, 2013
  The second alpha of Qt for Tizen 1.0 has been released after 30 days of development of various frameworks such as mobile optimized , cross-platform application and user interface […]
May 29, 2013
  Arnaud Dupuis held a class today showing visitors how to port Tizen over to their Nexus 7 with the latest image from himself which I have posted a link to below. The […]
Apr 13, 2013
What does a new eco system need ? Applications ! As a step towards this Samsung has began inviting Bada Developers to a Tizen Port-a-thon with a total of $2,200,000 […]
Feb 14, 2013
    A member of the XDA-Developers Forum has started on a Port of Tizen to the Google Nexus 7. Heres the information with the link at the bottom of […]
May 15, 2012
    Here is a quick video showing the Porting of Lunar Cannon to Tizen on the SDK Emulator, Enjoy !     Source YouTube
May 15, 2012
    This is a contribution to the Igloo Community by two people going by the name xjobb. Tizen is made to run on the ST-Ericsson Snowball single board computer […]
Apr 3, 2012
Like many of us, you have possibly ordered a Raspberry PI and waiting patiently for it to get dispatched (well it has to be made first). Of all the use […]
Mar 16, 2012
  For a short while I slowed down some of the work on MeeGoExperts and I think about that time some work started on the WhatsApp port for MeeGo Harmattan […]
Jul 27, 2011
  We have seen the tech wars developing on different hardware platforms between the various operating systems but Android and ChromeOS have been snuggled up with nVidia as their exclusive […]
Jul 23, 2011
What a thing of Beauty I tell you ? but then again you knew that. Here we have the ExoPC Tablet (which lucky developers have been getting their hands on […]
Jun 2, 2011
  Nook Color from Barnes and Noble is a device that began its life as a eBook reader that boasts: Stunning 7-inch color touchscreen Enhanced books, magazines, newspapers & interactive […]

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