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Mar 18, 2012
When the Nokia N9 PR1.2 software update started rolling out last week, we saw a heap of improvements and features delivered to the Nokia N9. Part of the enhancements concentrated on the […]
Mar 16, 2012
GLOBAL – It’s now just over a week since the most recent software update was officially released for the Nokia N9. I actually got mine on our last day at Mobile […]
Feb 27, 2012
    Nokia have now started the much awaited PR 1.2 rollout for the Nokia N9. Weighing it at a Whopping 283.1Mb this is going to take a slight while […]
Nov 28, 2011
  We have previously seen PR1.2 traipsing around in China for the Nokia N9 but here we have screenshots of PR1.2 for the Nokia N950. Are they real ? Fake […]

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