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Aug 15, 2011
  "Integral" is an easy to use free and open-source (GPL) application to calculate mathematical integrals with many features : undefinite, definite and numerical integration integrals in one, two and […]
Aug 7, 2011
A new version of mygpoclient, the Pythonic client library has been released. As usual the new release includes various bugfixes and also experimental support for the mygpo-feedservice. Download: mygpoclient-1.6.tar.gz […]
Jul 31, 2011
  Ever thought of being brave and programming your own Jabberbot ? Me neither, but read on and possibly we can all get inspired: Programming your own Jabber bot can […]
Jul 24, 2011
    The monthly release of PySide is upon us and PySide 1.0.5 has been labelled as “And no name was given that day” Major changes . Widgets present on […]
Jun 22, 2011
  The Harmattan Python team is proud to announce the availability of a full-featured Python environment for the MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan platform. Supported on Nokia’s N9 phone and preloaded on […]
May 13, 2011
  New on the scene, Yes we do now have a scene is "YTube" (Why do I feel like shoting, Why not ???). This is a Modified and it is […]
May 4, 2011
  Vivainio shows on his blog how Python has a handy pattern to avoid crashes if a module is not available and how a work around can be created for […]
Mar 5, 2011
Following the release of their Python for Qt v1.0 RC1 a couple of weeks ago the PySide team is now "thrilled" (their word not mine) to announce the release of […]
Feb 4, 2011
Further to yesterdays post of the QML version of gPodder running on a MeeGo netbook, here is the development QML gPodder running on our faithfull Nokia N900

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