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May 31, 2013
  Qt have been working on a new project code-named 'Boot to Qt' and gives users a fantastic solution aiding the creation of smooth user interfaces on embedded devices. This […]
May 20, 2013
  Qt for Tizen is a purely community-driven port of Qt 5 to the Tizen [] mobile profile. Tizen IVI [] profile as well as unofficial Netbook/Notebook profiles would benefit too. Contributors are welcome! Pages Introduction | Roadmap Development: Qt Creator […]
May 10, 2013
  As many of you know there is no Qt integration with Tizen and this is most likely not going to change officially. Here is a Video showing Qt5 Integrated […]
Jan 5, 2013
    While there is no official support for Qt5 on Nokia N9 and N950 devices, community-provided snapshots are available through the QtWebkit project. These snapshots are based on weekly […]
Dec 20, 2012
    The Qt Project is proud to announce the final release of Qt 5. It is the latest version of the Qt C++ UI framework and the foundation for […]
Jun 19, 2012
    Qt 5 is a very gradual and smooth update from Qt 4. There are generally no breaks in source compatibility, except where we felt that it’s absolutely necessary. […]
Jun 7, 2012
The following post was originally posted at Qt Labs Developer Blog: According to this recent poll, Desktop Components is one of the most desired add-ons for Qt Quick 2. To help […]
Apr 4, 2012
  The next version of Qt is out now, Qt5 Alpha: The main purpose of the Qt 5 Alpha release is to get feedback that helps us make the coming […]
Jan 7, 2012
    A quick Friday video. This is Qt5 with QML and OpenGL shaders, running a tool written by Baldand. (For the less coding-inclined among you, this is a nice […]
Nov 22, 2011
    QtQuick 2 promises superior performance, a new particle system and a host of new possibilities:     Source YouTube
Oct 20, 2011
Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi (This is a provisional page while we find our home at ) Qt 5 and Raspberry Pi combine perfectly in so many ways. The goal of […]
May 18, 2011
  The MeeGo Conference next week will of course be the place for MeeGo OS related development but it is brilliant to see that Qt is right there in the […]

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