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Jun 16, 2014
  A linux based phone, tablet, TV or anything will always feel a little inadequate without a real terminal application running on it. After all we love to look, prod, […]
Jun 9, 2014
  The following video was recorded at the Tizen Developer Conference last week in San Francisco. Tomasz Olszak is an Open Source enthusiast and talks about Qt for Tizen, which […]
May 14, 2014
  There has been an announcement that the Tizen:Common image will ship with Qt integrated. This is not to be confused with a release announcement, as Qt-5.3 is planned to be […]
Dec 20, 2013
  More exciting news has been announced: Qt for Tizen source code is now officially a part of Tizen's dedicated repositories This means the Tizen project now combines both standard […]
Dec 20, 2013
  Excellent News. The Qt for Tizen Team has been working away on a new release and here it is, Qt for Tizen Alpha 5. This new update contains: improvements […]
Aug 6, 2013
  As work is still progressing on Qt for Tizen Alpha 3, here is a Video by Leon Anavi showing some of the new features:   Video:     Source […]
Jul 8, 2013
  Recently Qt Application Development Framework Alpha 2 for Tizen was released bringing with it the ability to run Qt applications natively on Tizen devices. Today I am excited to […]
Jul 3, 2013
  The second alpha of Qt for Tizen 1.0 has been released after 30 days of development of various frameworks such as mobile optimized , cross-platform application and user interface […]
Jun 13, 2013
  [youtube][/youtube]   If you think the Tizen emulator is slow then thank god for the Qt for Tizen simulated app which is running natively within a normal QML Scene […]

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