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Jul 7, 2012
      Italian Radio Stations on the Web QtQuick on N9 (Meego Hartman operating system)   Video:   Source YouTube
Mar 13, 2012
    Overview This is an awfully dry post; dry due to the sheer logistic nature of it. This functionality exists and is quite straight forwards to stumble upon. This blog exists in order to draw your attention to it and hopefully minimize the stumble time. You have a device: 1) Running an ssh server […]
Jan 10, 2012
  As discussed on 18th November and on 21st December in this blog, the metrics of the default font of Nokia N9, the Nokia Pure Text typeface, have been updated in the Middle East and African variant (PR1.1.1, 22.2011.44-2) and will be changed in all devices in a future software update. As a result of […]
Dec 23, 2011
  This post is an introduction to the next several posts. If you’re bored with QtQuick introductions (since there are many)… then there’s probably nothing to see here. Composite (and its ancestor Hydrogen) has always had a Qt UI. And when it comes to GUI, Qt is the toolkit that I prefer to use. Why […]
Dec 4, 2011
Recently out of curiosity I tried to created virtual joystick, which nowadayx s used quite frequently touch based games. Well my implementation still required some improvement to provide real feel of joystick but its still quite useful. Here is output. To test my joystick, I also created a sprite which moves in almost all direction. […]
Nov 22, 2011
    QtQuick 2 promises superior performance, a new particle system and a host of new possibilities:     Source YouTube
Nov 22, 2011
QtQuick 2 promises superior performance, a new particle system and a host of new possibilities: It is also quite ripe for testing if you are into that kind of thing. This is my personally recommended approach to testing QtQuick 2 on your n9(50) at this point in time and I have to stress that […]
Oct 2, 2011
    MetaWatch and N950 have been paired. At the moment you get information like clock (!), weather and notifications for Email, missed call, and txt message. Story continues after video.   What I’m planning to do (for the digital one) is: - The main idle screen will be similar to the one you get […]

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