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Nov 2, 2020
The Raspberry Pi 400 is a compact keyboard with an ARM-based GB RAM computer built-in. Now that's different! All you need to do is plug it into your monitor, Insert an SD card with your OS of choice, power cable and a mouse and you're away! This Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer (SBC) is the […]
Nov 16, 2018
Raspberry have released a new version of their popular Raspberry Pi "computer" for only $25. This model is cheaper than the one released earlier this year, but still has the same processor and comes with Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The previous model, the Raspberry Pi Model B+, is $10 more expensive and the new […]
Mar 22, 2018
Every year since 2010, Stack Overflow conducts a developer survey where they ask the developer community about everything from their favorite technologies to their job preferences. The results of the eighth annual survey, held in January 2018, are out and not surprisingly, this year marks the largest number of respondents ever. Over 100,000 developers took the 30-minute survey […]
Mar 14, 2018
Today, we see the release of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. This is obviously an update to the companies current Raspberry Pi 3 Single Board Computer (SBC). The relevant updates are small, but at the same time can have some considerable impact on performance. In its time, the Raspberry Pi has sold over 14 million SBC […]
Feb 27, 2018
Smart home Lights in recent times have become quite common thanks to the growing IoT market. But more recently, we are getting to see these lights being controlled with just the power of voice (instead of apps) through AI assistants on people's phones, speakers, computers, etc. However, these Smart Lights haven't yet beaten the conventional […]
Feb 23, 2018
The Raspberry Pi is one of the widely popular development boards and happens to be a wonderful platform for developers, makers and even beginners looking to explore the world of Computer programming and making. Thanks to its wide popularity, a lot of interesting projects have come to life running on this single board computer. Google's Android […]
Jan 24, 2018
An important feature of the Raspberry Pi is the row of GPIO pins, where GPIO stands for general purpose input/output. It will allow us to communicate between Pi and the outside world. We have 40pins on Pi, we count these pins from left to right out of which seventeen pins are GPIO pins. Different pins […]
Jan 16, 2018
If you ever happened to be in a place such as a hotel or a workplace where they only provided an Ethernet connection and you needed Wifi to get your device(s) connected, then taking a wifi router along might not be the best solution. Instead, you could take with you the popular Raspberry Pi computer […]
May 5, 2017
While the wait for the mobile version of Tizen 3.0 is still on, the launch of Tizen 4.0 is right around the corner as the development of the OS is in full swing for mobile devices, smart glasses and other wearables. The first beta release of Tizen 4.0 is expected to be available by June […]
Feb 7, 2017
In a surprise turn of events, Samsung has decided to stop production of its development board Artik 10 which was the most powerful board among the Artik series. The Artik 10 board, going by the model number Artik 1020, featured a high power Exynos 5422 octacore chipset and Mali-T628 MP6 GPU coupled with 16GB of […]
May 4, 2016
Samsung's Artik development boards are finally reaching hands of consumers in the US. The Artik development boards which were unveiled back in May 2015 at the IoT World 2015 have taken quite a lot of time to become consumer ready and take over the likes of the new Raspberry Pi 3, Pine 64,etc which have revolutionized […]
Feb 11, 2016
It's needless to say that with a huge number of Raspberry Pi users worldwide, the community keeps growing by the minute and the list of ROMS available for this dirt cheap PC on a card is endless. With the hardware readily available everywhere, Samsung sees the Raspberry Pi (Pi 2 to be precise) as the […]
Jul 14, 2015
  Tizen has previously made its way onto the Raspberry PI 2 Development Board, but 3D acceleration was not working at that point. Well, the good news is that the Team over at the Samsung Open Source Group have got the 3D Acceleration working now. There is a new procedure and it is now possible […]
Apr 20, 2015
There has been some great work done with getting Tizen running on different development boards, and today I am pleased to see that its the time for the Raspberry PI 2 Dev Board to get some Tizen love courtesy of the Samsung Open Source group. Tizen is an Important Operating System (OS) within Internet of […]
Nov 27, 2014
  Choosing the winner of a competition is hard, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. After much delibaration and head scratching, the Winner of the Tizen Experts Gear S giveaway is Lukasz Skalski (@Lukasz_Skalski). The winning tweet won on the merit of use case scenario and potential contribution to the Tizen ecosystem. In our last […]
Oct 3, 2014
  The following is quite an Interesting project that was created by some university students, who are members of the Dokuzen project. They used a Tizen Smart phone to communicate with a Raspberry Pi board, which in turn allowed it to control a Robot !!!!! The Tizen Smart Phone had OS 2.2.1 on it and […]
Mar 3, 2013
  It may not come as a surprise to anyone who regularly reads my column that I tried to be first in line to order the Raspberry Pi. I mean, what's not to like in a $35, 700MHz, 256MB of RAM computer with HDMI out that runs Linux? In the end, I didn't make the […]
May 22, 2012
Previously there has been a map showing the distribution of Nokia N9s spread throughout the globe, this is a map for the Raspberry Pi. Screengrab of the Rastrack map at 17:30 BST, May 22 - click to go to the real thing.   The map’s only been up for a day, and hasn’t been widely […]
Apr 10, 2012
  The following article appeared on the Raspberry PI website: Good news! We just received confirmation that the Raspberry Pi has passed EMC testingwithout requiring any hardware modifications. As you may know, we’ve had periods booked in a testing chamber at Panasonic’s facility in South Wales for the whole week. Jimmy, Craig and Gareth from Gainspeed, our EMC consultants […]
Apr 3, 2012
Like many of us, you have possibly ordered a Raspberry PI and waiting patiently for it to get dispatched (well it has to be made first). Of all the use cases of it I would not of thought that someone would manage to port a ZX Spectrum emulator onto it !!! Andy Taylor currently volunteers […]

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