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Sep 19, 2014
  The Linux Foundation have today announced the next round of the Tizen development unit program is now available, with the Intel NUC and Samsung RD-PQ hardware devices being available. The Idea behind this program is to put the required hardware in developers hands so they can develop and test their applications on real hardware. […]
Jun 16, 2014
  A linux based phone, tablet, TV or anything will always feel a little inadequate without a real terminal application running on it. After all we love to look, prod, tinker as much as we can, and with the upcoming Samsung Z that is launching in Russia soon, we need a terminal application !!! So […]
Sep 10, 2013
  Yesterday we saw Tizen 3.0 running on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Well today we have some more pictures for you but this time its Tizen 3.0 running on the Samsung Galaxy S3, Well the Samsung Developer Device RD-PQ to be precise (which has the same hardware). This is Tizen 3.0 Running on Hardware that […]
Sep 10, 2013
    The Tizen Development Unit Program has just received a limited quantity of Developer RD-PQ SmartPhone Units.  What this means to you is, if you are an Application Developer and can demonstrate a good use case for having one, then you might just get one sent out to you!!!! The hardware is not to […]
Aug 22, 2013
  Tizen and BlackBerry 10 are arguably two of the best Operating Systems that boast default browsers that are most compatible with HTML5 standards (as tested through Here is a Video Comparing the browser HTML5 capabilities of Tizen 2.2 and BlackBerry 10.2 on Developer Devices Tizen RD-PQ and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B. Site […]
Jul 30, 2013
  Here's an Interesting little video showing the ScummVM emulator running 'Flight of the Amazon Queen' on the Tizen RD-PQ Developer device. The camera work is a bit shaky but it is proof that it can be done 🙂   Video:   Source Tizen Log  
Jul 23, 2013
With the release of the recent Tizen 2.2 SDK there is also a release of new firmware to download and flash for the Tizen Developer Device RD-PQ 2.2_20130719.3_RD-PQ.tar.gz. The download is available from the following location: I haven't noticed anything substantially different. It will be interesting to see if you do?
Jul 16, 2013
  A slight while ago I was provided some information on the Hackafe in Plovdiv. This is a place that some Bulgarian developers are meeting (there is a meetup tonight as well if you are interested) to discuss platforms, coding, community and also Tizen. From their previous meetup they came across the problem of how […]
Jul 7, 2013
[youtube][/youtube]   Here's a short clip of Tizen 2.2 running on the Tizen reference device RD-PQ. The interface scrolling seems to be faster as well as the integration of innovative features. So check the video out! If you want to upgrade your RD-PQ reference device to Tizen refer to this Wiki article.   Source YouTube […]
Jun 4, 2013
  [youtube][/youtube]   Here is the Qt Cinematic Experience demo app running on the only two Tizen reference devices "officially" in existence, the RD-210 and also RD-PQ. Both are running Tizen 2.1 (nectarine) and App is powered by Qt5.1   Qt Cinematic Experience is a famous QML application that demonstrates the power of Qt 5 […]
Apr 22, 2013
  Below is some information captured and translated from a korean site. Heres the transalation but please cick on the source link to see the full information in korean if thats your native language 🙂 1 Install lthor You must reference this program named lthor, to download the image to the phone. It is the […]
Mar 29, 2013
  These are Pictures of the Tizen Reference Phone RD-PQ and also RD-210's pictures as well by     Well, the brief information of RD-210 and RD-PQ is:   [RD-210] Distributed in 2012 Based on Galaxy S2 Exynos 4210(C210) SoC - Overview of RD-210 (Korean) [1]     [RD-PQ]  Distributed in 2013 Based on Galaxy […]
Mar 2, 2013
    Some guys have all the luck. Developer Daniel Juyung Seo has got his hands on the New Tizen Developer hardware Tizen reference phone RD-PQ which was provided to him by his company. The previous Developer device RD-210, was released at the first Tizen Conference last May and it used the Exynos 4120, C210 […]

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