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Jul 7, 2017
Samsung's Tizen smartphones are gradually being expanded into more markets around the globe. However, it would be impractical for developers in non Tizen markets to wait until Samsung released the […]
Aug 26, 2016
  More Tizen Devices in the Remote Test Lab Hey Developers, Some great news today as the latest Tizen devices hit the Remote Test Lab (RTL). The Samsung Z2 (SM-Z200F) […]
Nov 20, 2015
  Hey Developers, Great news as we see new Tizen wearable devices, the Samsung Gear S2 (SM-R730S) and the Samsung Z3 (SM-Z300H), going Live on the Remote Test Lab (RTL). […]
Feb 25, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 became available in the Samsung Remote Test Lab (RTL) shortly after the Z1 was released in India. The RTL is a REAL test lab where developers […]
Jan 15, 2015
  Developers have the option of running their applications on a device simulator and even though they can achieve a lot, there is still nothing like running it on a […]
Nov 1, 2014
  Developers have the option of using various tools to test their applications. You might use an emulator, with all its pros and cons, but then you still don't know […]
Jul 4, 2014
  The soon to be released Samsung Z Smartphone is now available in Remote Test Lab! This is a FREE service and lets you access a real device through the […]
Oct 8, 2013
  Previously the Samsung Developers Team have launched the Remote Test Lab (RTL) for the Tizen platform on the 11th September. The RTL helps developers test their Applications on REAL […]
Sep 11, 2013
  Exciting News! Today Samsung have now released Tizen Platform support for their Remote Test Lab using Tizen SDP(RD-PQ) which is based on the Tizen 2.2 version. RD-PQ is provided […]
May 9, 2013
  Samsung is offering a remote test lab in order for you to test your applications remotely on various devices. At the moment the line up is the Galaxy Note […]

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