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Aug 28, 2014
  We were expecting the Tizen Gear S to be announced at the Samsung UNPACKED 2014 Episode 2 event scheduled for IFA 2014 next week, but Samsung have already announced […]
Aug 22, 2014
  Following the Mobile World Congress this year, Samsung has released the Tizen based Gear 2 nd Gear 2 Neo (the camera-less one). Before that we had their first Smartwatch […]
Aug 11, 2014
  We were all disappointed when Samsung did not release the Samsung Z (SM-Z910F) as expected last month. The Tizen smartphone has certainly had a rough journey, with repeated cancellations […]
Aug 8, 2014
  The latest bit of Tizen product news is that Samsung will be announcing the Gear Solo SM-R710 during IFA 2014, as reported by Yonhap News. We've been receiving constant […]
Jun 26, 2014
  For each distinct product that Samsung, as well as other companies are working on, they have a unique identifier for that particular product or service. SKU stands for stock […]
May 24, 2014
  Do you fancy a Smart watch that works like the Tizen Samsung Gear 2, but also acts as a standalone phone that you can make calls and uses its […]
May 7, 2014
  We have reported previously that there are rumours of a Samsung Gear 2 Solo, a SIM enabled Smart watch that doesn't need to connect to your mobile phone for […]
Apr 11, 2014
  We have already reported on the possibilities of there being a Samsung Gear Smart Watch with a built in 3G modem, and also that its likely going to be […]
Apr 7, 2014
  We have previously reported that Samsung was developing a Samsung Gear 2 type Smartwatch that had built in voice calling functionality, by utilising its own inbuilt radios and a […]

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