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Feb 27, 2015
  The Tizen Project is currently running a Selfie competition, and you could be the luck winner of a Tizen based Samsung NX300M Smart Camera.   What you need to do All you need to do is Craft a tweet that includes: Fun “selfie” picture (from the shoulders up, please!) The @tizenproject handle The hash […]
Dec 16, 2014
The Tizen Samsung NX-300M Smart Camera, the first officially announced Tizen Smart Camera, has now got a firmware update. The newest firmware is version 1.15. Change Log: Fixed EXIF information error that captured RAW + over shutter speed 0.5sec Do you think this error affects you? If so get downloading the 331Mb file (245Mb compressed). […]
Sep 7, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX300M has got an firmware update to version 1.13, that was out a little while ago, but it seems like there are lots of you users out there that have not heard of it !!! So heres the Information for you 🙂   Samsung NX300M Firmware Update 1.13 Below are […]
May 7, 2014
  The Samsung NX300M was the first Tizen Smart Camera to reach the market, and it only seems right (?) that it is the first one to be hacked. The device supports NFC and WiFi connectivity that lets you connect directly to cloud services, such as a Samsung link account, Facebook, Picasa, YouTube, SkyDrive and KakaoStory. You […]
Mar 31, 2014
  The Samsung NX300M and NX2000 are two Mirrorless camera's that support Samsung's new Tizen OS. The Source Code for both cameras has been released, which gives the community the option to tinker with the OS, if need be and I presume if they don't like their warranty. Mike Thomann, a member of the Digital […]
Mar 5, 2014
  The Samsung NX300M Camera (Smart Camera?) was released near the end of last year, but not many knew it was running the Tizen Operating System (OS). In fact it was only revealed that it was running Tizen at the Tizen Summit in Korea in Seoul in November 2013. Support for it is not easy […]
Nov 11, 2013
  Tizen holds the promise on shipping on lots of different devices. Samsung has already been shipping the Samsung NX-300M (NX300M) Camera for the last month or so but Today at the Tizen Developer Summit, Samsung has officially announced that this camera is actually running Tizen !!! Previously we have been investigating the Samsung NX […]

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