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Sep 9, 2016
  This is a guest post by Bartłomiej Bartel I am a software engineer at Samsung Poland R&D Center and I have started my adventure with application development in Tizen and for Tizen based devices about 2 years ago. In that time I had the opportunity to create applications and games both for Tizen smart […]
Aug 26, 2016
  More Tizen Devices in the Remote Test Lab Hey Developers, Some great news today as the latest Tizen devices hit the Remote Test Lab (RTL). The Samsung Z2 (SM-Z200F) which was only launched on Tuesday and the Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360) are now available for developers to remotely access. The RTL is a REAL […]
Aug 25, 2016
  Users of Apple's iPhone Smartphones have been waiting for a while now for the launch of Gear Manager for iOS, the software used to connect the S2 to the iPhone, as we were originally expecting the launch in January 2016. Now, after a long wait, users will be happy to know that the iOS […]
Aug 19, 2016
There is a new app in town and it lets you turn your Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2, Gear Fit 2 or Android wear smartwatch into your very own Golf coach. The app known as SlamdunQ Golf helps you analyze your swing through using data recorded by the smartwatch and several parameters. The app uses the parameters detected […]
Aug 8, 2016
  Samsung is a company that likes to bundle an attractive promotion with its new tech. Earlier this year we saw them offer the Gear VR headset to customers pre-ordering the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. Now, Samsung is back with another promotion for new eligible Galaxy Note 7 customers that enables […]
Aug 6, 2016
  Gear Fit2 at Verizon Samsung initially unveiled its latest fitness tracking wearable device about two months go. Its time to do do more with your watch than letting it tell you the time. The Gear Fit2 updates you to all the fitness information you need at a glance is now available at Verizon stores […]
Aug 5, 2016
  Samsung are a company that is serious about Fitness and their latest fitness device, the Gear Fit2, speaks volumes about their desire. It can be used to measure and track exercise routines, duration, heart rate, calories burnt, and more. Once you've ponied up the money and actually bought the device, what can you do […]
Aug 2, 2016
Making the dial on a regular watch is something that's left to the skilled professionals. But in the case of smartwatches that doesn't hold true as the dial is replaced with pixel rich screens and have made way to digital dials that we all now know as watchfaces. WatchMaster is one such app that has […]
Jul 26, 2016
Samsung's tool for creating your own watchfaces - the Gear Watch Designer Beta program has been given a new update for both Mac and Windows. The major highlight of the new update comes in the form added support for the first-gen Gear S smartwatch. Until now, the Gear Watch Designer Beta was only supported for […]
Jun 30, 2016
  Tizen based Gear Fit 2 We've had an exciting time of late with two Tizen based fitness activity trackers that have been announced recently, the Gear Fit 2 and Gear Icon X earphones. The Gear Fit 2, as the name suggests, is this years updated model of last years Gear Fit, but now it […]
Jun 8, 2016
  Samsung's Gear Watch Designer app, that runs on Mac and Windows, has been updated to support the recently released Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360). The software enables developers to create watch faces for the Gear range of smartwatches.     If you are feeling creative then get the download from Samsung's website. Keep in mind […]
Jun 8, 2016
  Samsung’s new Sports Fitness Tracker, the Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360), improves on its predecessor in several departments. One of the main attractions is that it now has independant GPS functionality and also storage capacity of 4GB, which means that you can load up your favourite tracks and leave your Smartphone at home. The in-built […]
Jun 7, 2016
  Last week we saw the official Introduction of the Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360) and the Gear Icon X. There was little left for us to learn as there had already been a number of leaks detailing the new styling and specifications of the devices. Now, for those that are eager to get their hands […]
Jun 3, 2016
  Samsung at an event today in New York city, along with the Gear IconX wireless earbuds announced the highly rumored successor to its Gear Fit fitness tracker with the name- Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360) for a price of $179 and will be available for pre-order from June 3rd. Unlike the initial Gear Fit which ran […]
Jun 2, 2016
  The next Samsung fitness tracker should be officially announced at a Press conference scheduled for later today. The rumour-ville has already provided us with some leaked images of the device and now we the user manual has become available. The Gear Fit 2 (SM-R360) now features a more curved design that is more in-line […]
May 31, 2016
  Wearable fitness tech is a bit of a hot topic at the moment and Samsung are making no secret of the fact they want to be a key player in this arena. The first Gear Fit fitness tracker was launched in 2014, and now its time that it gets a well deserved refresh. Today, […]

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