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Nov 24, 2014
  The Samsung Gear S has a new dimension to it now, a newer model that wasn't expected. We have seen the slow and steady global release of the 3G […]
Nov 18, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung Gear S is a great Smartwatch with Integrated 3G cellular and data capabilities. The 2" Super AMOLED Curved touchscreen really is a pleasure to use. […]
Nov 17, 2014
  As we wait for the first Tizen based Smartphone to be released in india, the Samsung SM-Z130H, it seems like that is not the only Tizen based device to […]
Nov 11, 2014
  Samsung is slowly starting the launch of the Tizen based Samsung Gear S globally , and have also started selling it in South Korea, which happens to be known […]
Nov 11, 2014
  In the US, the network Verizon Wireless were the last ones to announce their prices for the Tizen based Samsung Gear S, behind AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Their pricing […]
Nov 11, 2014
  We have had news of the Tizen Samsung Gear S being released on ATT & Sprint, and now its time for T-Mobile in the US to show its hand. […]
Nov 8, 2014
  The word on the street was that the Samsung Gear S was to launch on the network O2 in the UK on the 7th November. Unfortunately as often happens […]
Nov 8, 2014
  US Linux enthusiasts should rejoice today as the Tizen based Samsung Gear S is officially available to purchase in the US right now. The Gear S is a Smartwatch […]
Nov 7, 2014
  The Samsung Gear Manager App has just been updated to version 2.2.14110499. There is no changelog (nothing new there), other than: Support for Gear Circle, but the support for […]
Nov 5, 2014
  With the Samsung Gear 2 we were unable to take a screenshot (capture) of the Smart watches display, well not unless you knew some technical wizardry, but with the […]
Nov 5, 2014
  Gear S Wrist Watch Strap The Tizen based Samsung Gear S is making its way this month to the US, UK, South Korea and other countries. The Gear S […]
Nov 5, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung Gear S was launched in India a few weeks ago for 29,500 Rs, and has now gone on pre-order in via the Samsung online eStore, […]
Nov 4, 2014
  The Tizen Samsung Gear S is slowly extending its global rollout, with many of our readers being excited about seeing the Smartwatch / phone arriving on in the US […]
Nov 1, 2014
  There has been much talk lately about the Tizen Samsung Gear S being released on US networks like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, and now its he UK's […]
Nov 1, 2014
  Developers have the option of using various tools to test their applications. You might use an emulator, with all its pros and cons, but then you still don't know […]
Oct 31, 2014
  Last week the Top 10 and Third Prize Winners in Round 2 of the Samsung Gear App Challenge were announced. A Public Voting to choose the Popular Choice Prize […]
Oct 31, 2014
  We previously ran a competition giving away the Samsung Gear 2, which was a success. Now we are excited to announce a brand new competition with a bigger giveaway […]
Oct 30, 2014
  Samsung have announced today that they will be making the Tizen based Samsung Gear S available in the U.S. beginning next Friday, November 7. The Gear S brings the […]
Oct 29, 2014
  We previously reported that the Tizen based Samsung Gear S was looking at a release date of 24th October, which happened to be last week by many of the […]
Oct 26, 2014
  At the Tizen Developer Summit in Shanghai (2014) I had a quick hands on with the Tizen based Samsung Gear S, and what a lovely bit of kit it […]

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