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May 1, 2017
Russia has been a positive market for Tizen developments so far. Tizen was one of the first foreign operating system to get FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) certified. Both government and corporate officials in Russia have been using Tizen devices for a while now. It was noted earlier that the Samsung Z3 […]
Oct 18, 2016
More action games come rolling in as War Thunder is released on the Tizen Store for Tizen smartphones. This is a Unity game that has been released for the Tizen platform. The game is brought to you by Pham Dinh, the same person that brought you Action Strike, Zombie Reborn, Call of Duty , and Danger Run. In this game you […]
Oct 14, 2016
The Samsung Z3 initially went on sale in India at the end of last year and was exclusively available to purchase at online retailer snapdeal, priced at Rs 8,399. A year on and the Z3 has aged well and is still a very relevant device in the Tizen smartphone portfolio, which consists of the Z3, Z1, and the […]
Oct 9, 2016
This is a guest post by Joydeb Rana. Shooting Sporting Clay 2015 is the latest addition to the Tizen store games section, brought to you by Black Cobra Studios. This is a 3D shooting game in which you need to shoot a clay pigeon or any moving animals on your game screen with your favorite rifle.   […]
Oct 8, 2016
Today, the Samsung Z3 (model SM-Z300H) smartphone got a little software update in India, taking it to version Z300HDDU0BPI2. This update only measure in at 5.9MB, so nothing much to really brag about, but still worth updating. This is a maintenance release and does not bring any new features with it and is mainly for […]
Sep 28, 2016
The quality of games on the Tizen store in comparison to the games available on its close rival Android has been pretty poor until now. However, in the recent times we have seen some of the big names like Gameloft bringing some of their popular games on to the Tizen platform. In addition to this, […]
Sep 26, 2016
Some great news this morning for Samsung Z1 and Z3 owners in India as the My Money Transfer app enters BETA status for your smartphones. This useful app already comes pre-loaded on the Samsung Z2 in India and allows users to transfer money using Account number and IFSC. You can also check your Account balance and […]
Sep 11, 2016
The Samsung Tizen Store continues to buzz with activities, with a couple of new apps getting on the store. This is reflected in the diversity of apps / games that make up the top 20 most downloaded apps on the Tizen Store by Samsung Z1 and Z3 smartphone owners each month. The month of August […]
Sep 9, 2016
  This is a guest post by Bartłomiej Bartel I am a software engineer at Samsung Poland R&D Center and I have started my adventure with application development in Tizen and for Tizen based devices about 2 years ago. In that time I had the opportunity to create applications and games both for Tizen smart […]
Sep 6, 2016
Following the release of the Samsung Z2 in India, Tizen Experts present you with custom Z2 wallpapers / backgrounds to celebrate the release of Tizen's 3rd phone. This batch of wallpapers have a Tizen theme and support the Samsung Z1 / Z2 / Z3 smartphones. You can download them directly from our site either using […]
Jun 29, 2016
  The Samsung Z3 has now officially gone on sale in Russia aimed at developers and enterprise customers. This is the first device that is shipping with a Tizen Operating System (OS) distribution that is certified in Russia for businesses use. The product is part of the SAFE solution (certified with MDM and VPN). The […]
Jun 6, 2016
Russia's continued effort to support a non American mobile OS has benefited the likes of Tizen OS and Jolla's Sailfish OS for a while now. In the past we have reported on Russia's interest in Tizen which led to the launch of the device in the country initially for the enterprises and government personnel and […]
Apr 12, 2016
  Today one of the most requested apps by our readers have been launched on the Tizen Smartphone platform. UC Browser is now immediately available to download for the Samsung Z1 and Z3 smartphones as an ACL enabled app. Readers in India will really appreciate UC browsers ability to compress data and therefore saving on […]
Mar 21, 2016
The news of a possible successor to the super affordable Samsung Z1 has recently been making rounds around the internet. Now, an import data listing by eximpulse of the Tizen based smartphone has been spotted heading over to Samsung's R&D centre in Bengaluru. The successor of the Z1, which had been recently confirmed to bear […]
Feb 13, 2016
  Samsung Z1 users wake this morning to some excellent news as the WhatsApp voice calling Beta goes LIVE. This was one of the most requested software features on the Z1 so it's brilliant to see it becoming available. Samsung Z3 users are expected to receive the update from Monday (15 Feb) following the roll […]
Jan 14, 2016
  According to a Digital Times Korean report, Samsung Electronics is still planning on expanding on the number of countries that the Samsung Z3 Tizen Smartphone will be offered in. We have previously reported on the Z3 being available in Russia for the business to business corporate and government customers, due to it attaining the […]
Jan 14, 2016
  Here are the Top 20 most downloaded apps and games for December 2015 from the Tizen Store. We now have a table for the top 10 apps as well as the top 10 games. These are the apps that have been downloaded the most for the Tizen handsets Samsung Z1 and also the Samsung […]
Nov 2, 2015
The Samsung Z3, the companies second Tizen smartphone, has been released In India and will be coming to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka soon. Previously we reported on the Z3 coming to Europe and today, according to Insiders, there are 11 European countries that the Z3 is currently being tested for launch in. The updated […]
Oct 16, 2015
  Yesterday, the Samsung Z3 Smartphone (SM-Z300F) was Launched at the Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow, Russia. This was a special Business to Business (B2B) event and represents the first 'in-roads' into the corporate Russian market for Tizen. Security is a key selling feature for Tizen, and the platform is now certified for […]
Oct 15, 2015
  Wow, Samsung Z3 was launched in India yesterday and now, as expected, it has launched at the Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow, Russia. This is the 4G version of the Samsung Z3 (SM-Z300F) and represents a great opportunity for Tizen and also russian app developers. The device is only available to B2B […]

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