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Feb 22, 2016
  Here is Prison Run which is a game that has a similar concept as the popular Temple Run game which Samsung Z1 and Z3 users have been asking for. The game has been developed using the Unity gaming engine.   How to play Swipe left or right to Change lanes or use Gyro sensor […]
Feb 21, 2016
  CalPlus for Tizen smartphones like the Samsung Z1 and Z3 is a financial calculator. Actually no it isn't, in-fact it is a set of financial calculators that lets you do some crazy financial number wizardry. When you first launch the app you are presented with a choice of common financial calculators to choose from. […]
Feb 16, 2016
Samsung's strategy of making its initial Tizen smartphones fall under the budget category seems to be working out quite well, as a recent report from market research agency Strategy Analytics claims that Samsung sold over 3 million Tizen smartphones in 2015! While the numbers may look huge, Samsung's very own android devices from the J […]
Feb 15, 2016
  The Indic Keypad app is now available for Tizen store for both the Samsung Z1 and Z3 Smartphones and is supported from Tizen 2.4. The app allows users to send messages, input text in their native languages while using the convenience of the English keypad. This method of text input is called "Transliteration". E.g. […]
Feb 15, 2016
  WhatsApp Voice Calling Beta for Samsung Z3 Samsung Z3 users will today be able to join the WhatsApp voice calling Beta program that went live for Samsung Z1 users a few days ago. This was a highly requested feature and its great to see it going live. In order to be eligible for the […]
Feb 13, 2016
  While the Samsung Z3 is a decent smartphone in the budget segment, but is still suffering from a weak app ecosystem that is slowly growing. Mr.Task is the latest app released to the tizen Store with an aim to categorize your tasks based on your priority, and possibly replace your personal assistant (if you […]
Feb 11, 2016
  Hey Samsung Z1 / Z3 users, here is a run down of the top 20 most downloaded apps from the Tizen store for your device during January 2016. whatsapp is still the number one app pretty much since its release, and now with voice calling on the horizon its popularity will definitely increase. Torrent […]
Feb 11, 2016
The Samsung Z3 and Galaxy S6 are two smartphones that most consumers would never put on the same plane. The logic is simple for some: the Galaxy S6 is a high-end smartphone, while the Z3 is a budget-friendly, low-end smartphone that caters to budget-friendly shoppers. One is for the luxury crowd, the other is for […]
Feb 11, 2016
  Download Manager for Tizen Smartphones, namely the Samsung Z1 and Z3, is a powerful download speed booster and an advanced download manager combined into one. A must-have app for the power user that wants to download files off the Internet in a fast and efficient manner. Why Download Manager It is totally free with […]
Feb 10, 2016
  Today, Samsung has opened the registration for WhatsApp Voice calling Beta, which will enable Z1 and Z3 users to sign up and test out voice calling before it ultimately goes live. We have had some big name apps come to the Tizen Store lately, but one of the asks by users has been for […]
Jan 28, 2016
  Audio Trimmer, an app for the Samsung Z3, is an entertainment app which allows you to trim your songs down to your favorite parts, just like the name suggests.   Features Launch application and select any audio file in the list. Supported audio formats: aac, mp3, ogg. Audio playback. Select the audio trim region […]
Jan 27, 2016
  Popple Defense is an action arcade shooting game which has been created by developer Doosoon Choi. The game has recently been launched into the Tizen Store and is now available for the Samsung Z3. You have to defeat computer parts attacking the earth! Use a Rocket punch and do not miss them! Very cute […]
Jan 27, 2016
  Telegram for the Samsung Z3 The Tizen Store hasn’t got the best selection of messaging apps, kind of an understatement, but its great to see the Telegram secure messaging app making its way to Tizen platform and available for the Samsung Z3. Telegram a said to be a new era of messaging that is […]
Jan 21, 2016
  Castle Hunter is a game developed by WITLS Games using the Unity gaming engine, which is used by other Tizen games like Roll a Marble. The idea of the game is to destroy castles by using a canon and then you can proceed to further levels. After you have demolished a castle you get […]
Jan 20, 2016
  The Samsung Z3 being priced under the mid-range category along with some decent specs (most notably the 5 inch Super Amoled HD display) and the kind of Brand value that Samsung carries here in India has seen a decent adoption rate to the Tizen OS based smartphone. This growing userbase is slowly attracting app […]
Jan 20, 2016
  Teen Patti Live! is promoted as the next generation evolution of an existing Indian poker game called Teen Patti. You get to Play realtime time games online, pitting your wits against your friends and other players in these multiplayer matches. Existing Teen Patti players are said to feel at home playing this new version […]
Jan 15, 2016
  Roll a Marble is a motion controlled game that was created using the Unity gaming engine. The idea is to roll the the ball to get to the finishing line, all against the clock. You have to find and collect all coins and escort the tiny blue ball in the blue holes. You can […]
Jan 14, 2016
  According to a Digital Times Korean report, Samsung Electronics is still planning on expanding on the number of countries that the Samsung Z3 Tizen Smartphone will be offered in. We have previously reported on the Z3 being available in Russia for the business to business corporate and government customers, due to it attaining the […]
Jan 14, 2016
  Torrent Downloader is an app that, as the name suggests, lets you download Bit Torrents directly using your Samsung Z3 smartphone. The app promises to be a fast and easy "Lightweight yet powerful bittorrent app" and gives you some powerful features, such as being able to select the files you want to download within […]
Jan 8, 2016
Pattern Lock Screen is an application to protect our phone and privacy against unlocking by third persons. User can unlock the locked screen by drawing the correct pattern. The only way to unlock the phone is by drawing the correct pattern. This can give you assurance that nobody can unlock your screen. Note: User needs […]
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