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Jan 14, 2015
  We were expecting firmware 1.20 to drop for the Samsung X1 Compact Systems Camera (CSC), and today it is available to download . You get more precision and speed […]
Jan 8, 2015
Some hot news of the press (sort of) for Samsung NX1 Smart camera owners or prospective owners. Samsung are currently preparing the release of a new firmware that contains user […]
Jan 7, 2015
  If you are a fan of Time Lapse photography or even if your not, the Tizen based Samsung NX1 helps you record unbelievable footage as you can see from […]
Dec 26, 2014
  A New Tizen Smart Camera It seems it is the season of rumours and as such we have reported about the Samsung Z2 Smartphone destined for Russia, and now […]
Dec 19, 2014
  Samsung has had a busy year with Tizen and not only in with Smart watches. Following the release of the first Tizen Smart Camera, the Samsung NX-300M, we have […]
Dec 18, 2014
Samsung Canada today launched its the NX1 Smart Camera to make it its newest addition to its digital imaging line up, This professionally inspired camera combines cutting edge design with […]
Dec 16, 2014
The Tizen Samsung NX-300M Smart Camera, the first officially announced Tizen Smart Camera, has now got a firmware update. The newest firmware is version 1.15. Change Log: Fixed EXIF information […]
Dec 12, 2014
  This short film created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the HITRECORD Community, was shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD (UHD) on the Tizen based Samsung NX1.   "In a City” takes […]
Dec 11, 2014
  We have been mentioning some of the outstanding features of the Tizen based Samsung NX1 since it was released. If your in the UK you’ll be pleased to know […]
Dec 4, 2014
  Here is a video of a Seasoned photojournalist, in this case Dan Kitwood, who has taken the Tizen based Samsung NX1 Smart Camera into the elements with him to […]
Nov 27, 2014
  We have all (me) drooled at the recently announced Samsung NX1 Smart Camera that was shown off in September at Photokina 2014 in Cologne, Germany, which was followed by […]
Nov 24, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX1 Smartcamera is the company's answer to DSLR Professional shooting in a Mirror-Less Compact Systems Camera (CSC). The NX1 is capable of shooting 4K video […]
Sep 30, 2014
  Finally we have a Compact Systems Camera (CSC) that can be seen as a genuine alternative to DSLRs, that most professional photographers employ in their daily work. Check out […]
Sep 23, 2014
  The announcement of Tizen Samsung NX1 Smart Camera has certainly surprised lots of hardcore photographers with what a mirrorless Compact Systems Camera (CSC) can produce, an interesting combination of […]
Sep 18, 2014
  The Samsung NX1 has gone on pre-order sale at, for the listed price of $1,499.99 for body only or $2,799.00 if you also want the 16-50mm S Premium […]
Sep 18, 2014
  Samsung, with the launch of the Tizen Samsung NX1 Smart Camera, has introduced a new 28 megapixel (MP) APS-C CMOS image sensor for digital cameras, which is said to […]
Sep 18, 2014
  Today Samsung released a small firmware update (263Mb Compressed) for the Tizen based Samsung NX30 Smart Camera, bringing it to version 1.31, an update from the previous version of […]
Sep 17, 2014
  The newly announced Tizen Samsung NX1 has gone on Pre-order in the UK at a couple retail / online outlets. Jessops and Wex Photographic have both got the NX1 […]
Sep 16, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX1 was launched yesterday and it is a spectacular bit of kit, boasting that it is the fastest and most accurate compact camera system in […]
Sep 15, 2014
  Today has been an Exciting time for the photographers amongst us with the Launch of the Tizen based Samsung NX1 Smart Camera. We have an amazing autofocus at 0.055 […]

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