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Apr 9, 2015
We were overjoyed to see a high profile messaging app like WhatsApp available on the Tizen Store at launch for the Samsung Z1. Now it seems the WhatsApp Android App, […]
Apr 8, 2015
  The firmware update Z130HDDU0BOC7 TIZEN version was launched Over the Air (OTA) last week in India. There were reports that the launch was also in Bangladesh, but it […]
Apr 8, 2015
  Its time for you guys to have another weekly dosage of Abstract Modern backgrounds as the feedback is that you like the modern look. This custom collection of Abstract […]
Apr 7, 2015
  The Tizen based Samsung Z1 is a good for value budget Smartphone for people coming from the feature phone world to Smartphones. At launch It was originally priced at […]
Apr 2, 2015
  The following are the TOP 20 Apps that have been downloaded from the Tizen Store during February 2015. The Number #1 app is WhatsApp which is a popular Instant […]
Apr 1, 2015
  WhatsApp Messenger has been updated to version 2.12.10 (released 31 March 2015) on the Tizen Store, and brings with it the ability to make WhatsApp voice calls. This feature […]
Apr 1, 2015
  Taptu is quite an established RSS / News Reader application that has been around for a while now and has gained popularity since Google shut down its own Google […]
Mar 31, 2015
  Judging from your feedback, It seems like our readers like Abstract Modern backgrounds, and you know we hate to disappoint you, so here we have another custom collection of […]
Mar 30, 2015
  The following is a little video that I found on my travels comparing the Samsung Z1 and the MeeGo Harmattan based Nokia N9. I can't actually understand German, but […]
Mar 28, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 was release mid January and has received quite a few firmware / software updates on the way. Well, today we have another update that takes it […]
Mar 27, 2015
  Samsung understands the value that a robust cross-platform Tizen Ecosystem can hold for it, for now and for the future. At the launch of Samsung Z1 in India, Samsung […]
Mar 26, 2015
  Today we have another Interesting application for you. Calorie Tracker is an app that aims to help you in tracking the calories consumed in meals and also log the […]
Mar 25, 2015
  LockApps is a Tizen app for your Samsung Z1 that enables you to password protect any installed application on your Smartphone, and therefore restricting its access to authorised "PIN" […]
Mar 25, 2015
  The latest update for the Truecaller application introduces some excellent features. You now have the ability to merge stored contacts from your Tizen phone book and the Truecaller's directory […]
Mar 23, 2015
  Our previous Wallpaper collection had the Hollywood theme to it. Now it is time for some Abstract Modern backgrounds for your Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Gear Neo […]
Mar 20, 2015
  Here is an application that you might find useful for your shiny new Samsung Z1. An expense tracker that lets you log your expenses on the move. Quick, simple […]
Mar 19, 2015
  Samsung Electronics have introduced a high-performance mobile memory storage Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) 5.0 technology. This new 128 gigabyte (GB) storage solution is not targeted at high end Smartphones & […]
Mar 17, 2015
  Sudoku Game Description Sudoku fans can download and play the logic based number placement puzzle on their Samsung Z1 Smartphones, with the app available to download from the Tizen […]
Mar 17, 2015
  It's now time for you to get better acquainted with the Tizen Samsung Z1 Smartphone, its User Interface (UI) and also the User Experience (UX). The Z1 benefits from […]
Mar 12, 2015
  Speed Test Most of our readers are quite tech savvy and therefore don't need an in-depth Introduction to a Speed Test application which allows you to quickly check your […]
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