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Mar 12, 2015
  The internet now on your wrist The Samsung Gear S smartwatch is a versatile monster that lets you make calls, has offline mapping and loads of health apps. The […]
Mar 9, 2015
  Time for something a little different, well its different to what we have done previously, in the form of Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Gear Neo or Samsung […]
Mar 9, 2015
  I came across this cool application Location Sender for my Samsung Z1. The app will send your GPS location to any mobile number in the world, thereby letting the […]
Mar 6, 2015
  One of the most common questions that we were asked in the early days of Tizen was "When will existing Bada phones be updated to Tizen?". Users of the […]
Mar 1, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Firmware Update The Samsung Z1, the first Tizen Smartphone, has received a software Over the Air (OTA) update today, taking it to version Z130HDDU0BOB3. This is the […]
Feb 25, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 became available in the Samsung Remote Test Lab (RTL) shortly after the Z1 was released in India. The RTL is a REAL test lab where developers […]
Feb 24, 2015
  Memory exercises are great to keep you thinking sharp by giving your brain a little workout. Memory Exercise is tile game that has been designed for players to take […]
Feb 24, 2015
  The guys over at FoneArena have put the Tizen based Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS through its paces to check out the battery life, with the results posted below. The Z1 […]
Feb 24, 2015
The Samsung Z1 is now currently on-sale in two countries, India and Bangladesh, with it becoming available in additional markets in the coming months. Some users who do not live […]
Feb 24, 2015
  We have crafted special of Samsung Z1 wallpapers for you, as well as Gear 2 and Gear S ones, but we have also had requests for the stock wallpapers […]
Feb 24, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Amazon The Samsung Z1 was released in India a month ago and has sold over 100,000 units since the last update. It has now found its way […]
Feb 23, 2015
  Have you got a Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Gear Neo or Samsung Z1 ? Well this week we have some special wallpapers that our readers in India, […]
Feb 20, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Browsing Speed If you've recently purchased your Samsung Z1 in India or Bangladesh, you might find that the browsing might be a little slow at times. There […]
Feb 20, 2015
  Link Downloader Imagine that you want to download all the images that are available on a remote webpage, then a Batch Media Downloader App would he useful, and that […]
Feb 18, 2015
  Have you got a Samsung Galaxy / Gear 2 / Gear Neo or Samsung Z1 ? Does it need some bling in terms of wallpapers / backgrounds? If you […]
Feb 17, 2015
  Samsung have released a series of videos that will get you familiar with the Open-Sourced Tizen platform. Now that the Tizen 2.3 based Samsung Z1, SDK and Source code […]
Feb 17, 2015
  Samsung has been doing quite well lately with the sales of the Samsung Z1 in India and Bangladesh, the only two countries that it has been released in over […]
Feb 16, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 has been released in India and Bangladesh, with sales totalling more than 120,000 in less than a month, since it has been released. Now, According to […]
Feb 16, 2015
  The Tizen based Z1 has been designed to target emerging markets such as India and Bangladesh, where it has been released over the last few weeks. According to industry […]
Feb 13, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 was the first Tizen phone to be released with Spreadtrum's SC7727S WCDMA chipsets running with the Tizen 2.3 Operating System. Today Spreadtrum Communications, a fabless semiconductor […]
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