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Jan 21, 2015
  We now have the Tizen based Samsung Z1 Smartphone part of our community of devices, so here are wallpapers for ALL Samsung Tizen Smart devices (not cameras), that means […]
Jan 20, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Z130H/DS on sale eBay India The Samsung Z1 launched in India last week, and as many were thinking where they could potentionally get the Z1 from, it […]
Jan 20, 2015
  The Tizen based Samsung Z1 (SM-Z130H/DS) is continuing to be rolled out in India and overall is being received well by end users and critics. The smooth user interface […]
Jan 18, 2015
  Tizen is a HTML5 centric Operating System and as such embraces and also excels at HTML5 web compatibility. Tizen has consistently performed well in this department and promises to […]
Jan 17, 2015
  We are excited about the release of the first ever Smartphone that is based on the Tizen OS, the Samsung Z1, and lots of Tizen developers in India are […]
Jan 15, 2015
  Developers have the option of running their applications on a device simulator and even though they can achieve a lot, there is still nothing like running it on a […]
Jan 14, 2015
  This has been a really exciting day for #TeamTizen and also for Tizen fans in India that could be looking at purchasing a Tizen Smartphone TODAY, as well as […]
Jan 14, 2015
  We reported yesterday tht the Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H Smartphone will launch today and well ... It has. Samsung India Electronics have just announced the launch of the first Tizen […]
Jan 13, 2015
Yesterday we did an article that the Samsung Z1 would have applications such as WhatsApp released and ready to Install at launch. Talking about launch dates, it looks like to […]
Jan 13, 2015
  We knew (hoped) the Tizen based Samsung Z1 was going to be released this week, well it looks like it might even be as soon as TOMORROW. Samsung has […]
Jan 12, 2015
  Whilst we wait for the Tizen Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H, here is a little bit of Information to keep you going until the expected 18 January launch date. The phone […]
Jan 8, 2015
  Almost a month ago we reported that the Tizen Samsung Z1 Smartphone did not release as hoped / expected in India, but over $1.7m USD worth of Samsung Z1 […]
Jan 5, 2015
  As we wait for the launch of the Samsung Tizen TV at CES tomorrow, and then hopefully the Samsung Z1 later this month, we have a little bit of […]
Jan 1, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Firmware We previously saw firmware for the yet to be released Tizen based Samsung Z1 Smartphone version Z130HDDU0ANL7 emerge, and now we an updated version which is […]
Dec 26, 2014
  Learn Urdu Do you fancy learning Urdu, a language spoken by over 100 million people in places such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and the Middle East and is […]
Dec 26, 2014
  According to to some new rumours, Samsung might actually be looking at releasing a Tizen Smartphone in Russia after all, the Samsung Z2. Since it cancelled the launch of […]
Dec 25, 2014
Its been an exciting time this week for the first Tizen Samsung Z1 Smartphone SM-Z130H. We have had its final specifications and images leaked via a secret partner meeting in […]
Dec 23, 2014
  Yesterday we saw confirmation that the Tizen Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H was being released shortly in India. Today we see that the first firmware for the Z1, version Z130HDDU0ANL7, is […]
Dec 22, 2014
  Samsung Z1 is HERE ... almost We have been waiting for the Samsung Z1 launch event, and it looks like its finally happening at a secret Samsung Z1 launch […]
Dec 10, 2014
  No Tizen Smartphone release All eyes have been looking towards the east for Samsung to launch the first Tizen based Smartphone, the Samsung Z1 (SM-Z130H), but the Smartphone failed […]

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