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Nov 10, 2013
Tizen TV, Tizen Smartphone: They're coming! OK, it's out in the open: a Tizen operated Samsung smartphone won't be available in 2013 but in the first quarter of next year. it's not a rumor but a statement  from the vice president of Samsung's Visual Display Business, Mr. Kim Hyun-suk. He was quoted to have said […]
Sep 4, 2013
  Here is a Video by Ajile engineering who are a safety and embedded design company. They are creating their own Tizen UI but they are the very beginning and at this point are showing the initial boot on a Pandaboard OMAP 4460 board. The point is that this is one of the huge strenghs […]
Aug 7, 2013
  The battle ground for the mobile OS is not just on the old smartphone or even tablets but also includes other areas tat can include the embedded space. The MeeGo OS that came before Tizen set its sights on SmartPhones, Tablets, IVI (Car), TV and Netbooks. Unfortunately these dreams did not materialise and Intel […]
Apr 24, 2013
  To strengthen their foothold in the Smart TV arena Samsung Electronics has formed a team of services geared towards the Smart TV.   Samsung Electronics has recently released an interactive application "Bike Fitness Game" which allows viewers to play and exercise while watching TV that is connected wirelessly to a Samsung Smart TV. Fitness […]
Apr 19, 2013
    During the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit Dr Sang-bum Suh from Samsung Electronics spoke as one of the key note to talk about the effects that Open Source Software had on the company and how it has established itself as a significant contributor to the Linux kernel and open source community.   "I believe […]
Apr 16, 2013
    Samsung Electronics today released its Smart TV SDK 4.1. Along with the SDK 4.1, Samsung also has to enable in-app advertising to the release of the Samsung Smart TV advertisement service API so that developers can publish apps Smart TV advertising on their applications so that they can add other monetization channels.   SDK […]
Oct 9, 2012
    SAN DIEGO & SHANGHAI, Oct 09, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Arynga announced today that they will be showing their CarSync(TM) end-to-end configuration management solution at the GENIVI All Members meeting in Shanghai, China on October 9-12, 2012. CarSync capabilities will be demonstrated on Intel hardware and software featuring their Atom processor and running […]
Jul 2, 2012
    I posted earlier that Application Developer Mike Shelon is working on Tizen Apps running on MeeGo Harmattan but he is also working on getting porting his Qt app (Eyrie) to run on EFL / Tizen.   This is my first stab at porting Eyrie (, my acoustic fingerprinting and music identification app from […]
Feb 4, 2012
It is fair enough to say that Intel has lost its ground as far as Google TV is concerned. However, one should never write-off Intel from entering the Smart TV business and the company is exactly standing true to that. Yes, Intel is mulling on a Smart TV of its own. Running on Linux based […]
Jan 14, 2012
    Samsung are apparently working on merging bada operating system with Tizen! There was talk last year of them open sourcing Bada but that has not materialised and this seems like a much better option for Samsung. Bada is not an operating system itself. It is middleware, application framework that previously ran on Nucleus […]
Dec 9, 2011
    Welcome to this report on the very first Tizen summit from the wonderfully sunny (if somewhat chilly) city of Beijing. The conference started well and had pretty good attendance. Pasi Nieminen from Nomovok (who organised the event) explained how this had originally been planned as a MeeGo Summit and, rather than cancel and […]
Nov 16, 2011
    N Screens problem: W3C Conference Redmond, Nov 15,2011 - Presentation Transcript THE N-SCREENS PROBLEM Building Apps in the world of TV & Mobile Rajesh Lal Senior Engineer Agenda 7 Key Challenges WebApp Develop Design N-Screens The N-Screens Mobile PCTablet TV 1. Design Problem: N Screens On the Go MobileScreen size 2-4”Distance 1’Connection 3GNot […]
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